God Friended Me finale review: Is Cara leaving? A new mystery woman

God Friended Me finale
Tonight, the God Friended Me finale came onto CBS with the promise of answers. While we weren’t 100% sure that we would learn who was behind the God Account, we were at least going to get a chance to learn the truth about Henry Chase. Just who is this man, really?

At the start of the episode, Miles, Cara, and Rakesh did everything that they could in order to help Simon Hayes. After all, what happened with project crashing is causing his entire life to fall apart. He could lose his job and beyond that, the board of Singular Dynamics is doing its part to shut down Miles’ podcast once and for all. Freeverse basically told him that they can’t afford a lawsuit against a powerful corporation and because of that, he’s done … at least for now.

The main order of business for Miles was to try and track down Henry Chase, which wasn’t exactly an easy thing to do. He’s not the friendliest, most-open guy in the world, and it took him, Rakesh, and Cara retracing their steps and revisiting a former Friend Suggestion. That eventually got them to Chase, who mostly showed up because he didn’t want to be followed anymore. While his Juliet Code could be used to save Simon’s project, he didn’t want to help. He didn’t want to do anything. He was holding onto the past and some of the anger that he had towards Simon over some of what happened with them in the past.

Who would’ve then thought that a bat mitzvah of all places would bring everyone together? It was the God Account’s suggestion for the entire group to visit the celebration for Erica Katz, a young girl who previously survived a drowning. As it turns out, her surviving a flash flood was the result of authorities being aware of a possible disaster coming … the result of Simon’s project and Henry’s code. These two are responsible for saving a life. The God Account did find a way to bring these two together!

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Where we are leaving off…

For Miles’ dad, he’s having to come to terms with not getting the appointment of Bishop. He was disappointed at first, but he realized that he had a different calling instead. He decided that he wanted to be married to Trish and be a father and husband instead of continuing to be a priest. He is engaged and, beyond that, he even went on Miles’ podcast at the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Simon, Pria, and Henry are all going to head off to Paris in order to work on their own projects. He is leaving his company, but he is still going to make the world a better place. To go along with that, he also made sure that Team God Account was in a good place. He got Miles his spot back with Freeverse, he got Rakesh a cushy new job over at Identity Seal, and Cara has an offer to move to Paris to work on a new book all about their work. In Miles’ own words, this is an “opportunity of a lifetime.” It seems like she’s moving, but we don’t think that it’s the sort of thing that is meant to be forever.

Your cliffhanger at the end of the episode…

Well, let’s just say we could have another addition to the team — or at least someone who is involved in the God Account operation in a way that you wouldn’t expect. A woman met Miles in the closing minutes, proclaiming that she herself had received a message from God with Miles’ name attached. Is the God Account trying to give him a new member, or is Miles actually in need of some help?

CarterMatt Verdict

Sure, we didn’t get all of the answers at the end of the finale tonight, but that’s not really what God Friended Me is about. This is instead a meaningful, personal story all about friendships, making bonds, and having a little bit of faith in something. In that sense, this finale delivered and then some.

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