‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: A way to find answers

We are now just mere hours away from finding out what is going to be happening next on “Downton Abbey,” but we also have a way now for you to find out even more information pertaining to the hit ITV show in a completely different manner.

So what do you have to do? Ultimately, it’s really rather simple. First and foremost, you just have to go over to this Facebook page to find out some more information about a panel that is coming up at Cheltenham Festivals today featuring some of the following folks associated with the show: Phyllis Logan (Mrs. Hughes), Lesley Nicol (Mrs. Patmore), Caroline McCall (costume designer), or or Jessica Fellowes (author of “The Chronicles of Downton”). The event is going to be taking place from 6-7 p.m. local time today, and after it happens, we are going to have more information here when it comes to some of the scoop that was shared about the show, along with hopefully some behind-the-scenes details. (In other words, stay tuned!)

“Downton Abbey” will continue airings its third season on ITV1 Sunday evening just mere hours later than this panel, though we in America will have to continue to wait until PBS picks up the show in January to be able to actually see the show as it was intended to be seen: on television rather than just assorted clips on the internet. There are going to be some key plotlines that should be pushed forward this week, including Mrs. Hughes’ own battle against illness as well as Matthew trying to cope with his new status as working to help run the Abbey now that he has a major financial stake in it.

If there was one question you could ask the ladies of this show, what would it be?

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