The Resident season 2 episode 20 video: Nic’s emotional case

The ResidentThe Resident season 2 episode 20 is finally coming your way on Monday night — hiatuses stink, but at least we can celebrate that this one is over!

In the sneak peek below, you can get at least a partial sense of what is coming, at least for a character in Nic Nevin who never gets much of a break. She’s certainly at the top of the list of people our heart is breaking for right now, mostly because of everything that she is going through. She’s having to contend with the fragile state of her sister Jessie, but still find a way to be there for other people who are struggling. It’s a part of her job — they can’t see into her soul and know that she is suffering. All they can see is the medical crisis that is in front of them.

In this particular scene, the man at the center of a crisis is suffering from something unthinkable: A shooting that could leave both his wife and son dead, and all three of them may have just been caught in the crossfire in the first place. The police don’t think that any of them were the target of what happened, but they’re the ones who still have to sift through the aftermath of the incident. They’re the ones who are having to dress their wounds and try to find a way to move forward — and for the wife and son, it may be so much more than that. Nic has to do her best to calm this guy down, likely wishing that she had more people who were there in order to do the same for her. She has Conrad, but it’s clear that so many other people within her life are scattered. Her father is opportunistic and even if he cares, there’s always that ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Dr. Bell could’ve been that idealistic father figure if he was a better person, but he does find himself thinking about the bottom line and his own reputation more than anything — he does have a softer side, but it’s not something that you have a tendency to see all of the time.

For those of you who love great Emily VanCamp performances, there should be good stuff aplenty coming on Monday night. We just wish that it was coming under better circumstances for the Nic character … though we’re also not altogether sure what qualifies for “better circumstances” when you’re talking about a show like The Resident where there are difficult, painful things that happen with a lot of the main characters almost all the time. There’s never going to be an episode that features Conrad and Nic relaxing on a hammock for an hour thinking about all of the wonderful things that exist within their lives.

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