Madam Secretary season 5 episode 19 video: Elizabeth vs. tabloids

Madam SecretarySunday night’s Madam Secretary season 5 episode 19 is right around the corner and through this one, Elizabeth McCord is going to be dealing with a most unfortunate situation. It’s one thing having to be the Secretary of State and having to deal with all of the global problems that go along with that; it’s a different one altogether to deal with the further scrutiny that comes with being a Presidential candidate. There are so people who are desperate to find a way to take you down, and that includes sometimes people you don’t even know.

In Elizabeth’s case, a publication could prove to cause all sorts of headaches for her courtesy of a rumor that she had an affair with Conrad Dalton. The moment that she hears it, she is immediately enraged and understandably so — she knows that the rumor isn’t true and wants to do whatever she can in order to shut it down. She’s upset and wants to make sure that nobody believes this.

Yet, one of the problems that Elizabeth was running into here was trying to figure out how to handle it, mostly when the advice that she gets is to ignore this. If she comments on it, then she’s actually giving a little bit more fuel to the fire. However, not commenting on it to her in her mind means she’s giving more credence to the idea. She wants to do something … but how can she do that without making this into a story that continues throughout her campaign?

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One strategy that Elizabeth has is to find a way to discredit the reporter in another way, whether it be showing inherent bias or another issue that shows that they were motivated in some other way to put this story out there. Knowing Bess, we think that she can find a way to resolve this without just letting a publication get away with writing something that is false without measure.

In stopping this, it’s also possible that Bess is going to find a way to also stop some future false reports that are made against her — there will be a lot of different stories that come out about her during the Presidential campaign, and she has to find a way to not let those distract. She has to keep her eye on the prize in order to end up getting what she wants to in the end.

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