Saturday Night Live review: The View, Fashion Coward, & Emma Stone

SNLThis week’s new episode of Saturday Night Live is being hosted by Emma Stone, and entering it, she found herself in a rather bizarre position. It’s not all that often that we see a host be overshadowed in the promotion for a given episode to the musical guest, but that’s what happened here with BTS. It’s just surprising since Stone is an Oscar-caliber actress who is getting close to some rarified air when it comes to being a host of this show. We know that she’s delivered a lot of great performances as host and we certainly felt like this would be another opportunity.

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Cold Open – Only SNL can do a sketch about fake versions of Michael Keaton and Lori Loughlin in the same prison room and have it totally work. You can also visit the link here to get a more in-depth look at what’s coming. A-.

Emma Stone monologue – At first, this just started as a way for Emma to see if the crowd was stoked for BTS. After that, though, we had a really humorous exchange mostly all about how she really wanted to have a big celebration for hosting the show for a fourth time — she just didn’t want to ask for it. With that, the other cast members had to make up a fake song for her and have Melissa Villasenor pretend to be different people so that there were celebrity cameos. B+.

The posters come to life – This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this sketch with Pete Davidson — and where we have Stone playing this vapid character who just cares about innuendo and nothing else. Last time, it was a hot dog; this time, it was a garden hose. There’s no real substance here even if Stone brought a lot to the performance. C.

Fashion Coward – You had to enjoy the sheer ridiculousness of this sketch, which featured a store that was all about people who are afraid to buy anything risky and how they just want to blend in and not stand out. There were so many good jokes in here, including the “big strong man’ who carries you out if you can’t make a decision. Also, the closing bumper of it really just being Ann Taylor was genius. A-.

The View – This was a wonderful spoof of the daytime show and just about all of the ridiculousness that happens there. The best line in here was Aidy Bryant’s Meghan McCain calling herself the “Princess of Arizona.” Also, the feud between her and Joy Behar was wonderful — we don’t really know if the Jenny McCarthy impression was really an impression, but we think the message about vaccinations is there. B.

Melissa Villasenor’s rap – This may be one of the biggest spotlights we’ve seen from Melissa as a cast member, as she chose to give a rap performance all about her hobbies. This seemed incredibly boring to Emma at first, but that’s before she decided to showcase her own secret hobby — creating a model town where she was the Mayor. We thought for sure that BTS was going to appear in here since it felt perfect for them, but that didn’t happen. B-.

Ladies’ Room – This was a clear miss, largely because we wasted a ton of time listening to some goofy performance about people using a fitting room as a bathroom. Other than the costumes, what was that valuable about this? D.

BTS’ performance – If you want to read more about this, you can do so over at the link here.

Weekend Update – The jokes within this were pretty spectacular, but the part of the episode we think we’re actually going to remember is the part where we got to see the Instagram couple come out again and fight with each other throughout the entire sketch. There was a little less political humor than usual, though some of it was still thrown in there. B+.

Royal Family visit – We don’t know why SNL insists on having Prince Harry give us a tour of things but this just in: It really doesn’t ever work, and it certainly doesn’t work any different here from when we saw it the first time around. The one funny part was listening to Prince Charles ask if he was king after Queen Elizabeth collapsed in a sea of boxes. C.

The actress – We like it when the end-of-show sketches really go out of their way to be experimental and this one certainly fits the bill. Here, Stone plays an actress taking on a tough role — a woman being cheated on in a gay adult film. She wants to understand the character, only to learn along the way that there is no backstory and nobody cares other than her. B+.

Chalmers event wine – This is another sketch that you’re probably not going to remember since really, it was a bad commercial for bad wine that nobody’s ever going to want to drink in a million years. Apparently, it also sets your hair on fire. D+.

CarterMatt Verdict

When this episode was working, it was tremendously funny. When it wasn’t, it’s one that wasn’t anything special — but at least Emma was great throughout, right?

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