Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 9: Five players to watch!

Edge of ExtinctionAs we approach Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 9, who are some of the players to watch out for? Within this article, we’re going to do our best to spotlight the worthy ones … but also in a different way.

You see, for much of this season we’ve written a lot about some of the larger narratives through the lens of some of the returnee players — and for good reason. Yet, we’re at the point now where everyone seems to know that Kelley and David are threats. The newbies are the ones who could really turn the tide this season and with that, we want to focus on five of them in this piece.

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Gavin Whitson – This may be the first time that we’ve had Gavin on this list the whole season, but we’re so curious about where he stands in the game. With Julia gone, he and Victoria (assuming they still work together) are on a little bit more of an island and they may have a little more difficulty trying to fit into the larger picture. Gavin also needs to be careful after targeting David Wright on this past Tribal Council, since he’s not the sort of person you really want to have on your bad side.

Rick Devens – We’d argue that this past episode was a tremendous coming-out party for him both as a player and a character within this game — there is something really appealing that’s stemming from him coming back from the Edge of Extinction and showing that he no longer gives any you-know-whats about decorum within this game. He’s got the sort of guts that you really wish some other people in this season really had.

Aurora McCreary – She was the only person who didn’t vote for Julia still in the game … which has gotta be an awkward feeling going back to camp. Luckily for her, the good news is that this is such a fluid game right now that she’s a valuable number anyone can pick up. It’s hard to imagine her being anyone’s #1 target for at least a few more weeks, so if you’re Aurora, you should really think hard about the people you want to work with and how to build the best resume for yourself.

Wardog DaSilva – In the preview for this episode, it was suggested that he could be a target for the next vote — which makes sense, given that Kelley is more of the obvious target, and maybe you can flush out an idol here by going for someone close to her instead. Wardog has done an impressive job this season of coming up with plans and avoiding being in jeopardy, but will he be able to stop a potential campaign that is coming at him?

Julie Rosenberg – She had a pretty massive meltdown at this past Tribal Council, the end result seemingly of paranoia and just feeling betrayed by some of the other former Kama members. Is she really detached from Gavin and Victoria for the rest of the game, or is there a way to get her back? Julie and Ron seem to be a team, so she becomes an important person to sway. Those two votes could alter the course of almost everything coming up.

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