Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 9 preview: Is a six-person alliance forming?

Edge of ExtinctionEntering Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 9, we had a pretty good feeling that the bar was going to be set through the stratosphere. The general consensus entering episode 8 was that we were going to see one of the biggest, craziest Tribal Councils we’ve ever had the pleasure to behold. When you’ve got momentum like that, it’s hard to find a way to keep it going … but we really still hoped that this season could, given that we did start things off on somewhat of a ho-hum note.

At the end of tonight’s episode, Julia Carter ended up being the person voted off as a lot of her own tribe turned against her. Because of this, we really don’t have any idea as to what in the world will happen from here. Is the Lesu five really together? Who knows, but because it seems like everyone’s playing the game without too much disdain or hard feelings, it’s creating this environment where there’s a lot more flexibility for people to just move around and do some really crazy stuff.

One other important thing to remember here is that Kelley and Lauren both still have their hidden immunity idols — the longer that lasts and the more dangerous the two of them become — and they’re already dangerous.

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Based on the preview for the next new episode, it seems like we could be seeing the formation of a new six-person alliance … but also something that falls apart soon after that. David mentions taking Wardog out of the game and eventually, we do think that there’s going to be an opportunity to see a Lesu member get targeted. It just remains to be seen who, since we’ve also got Rick Devens making it clear to Victoria that if the two get together, they could “run the game.”

Well, if there’s anything that we learned from the episode tonight, it’s that there really is no running the game. It’s more about just trying to move from one week to the next without falling apart in the process. For those who love Survivor when there’s crazy strategy surrounding just about every corner, this is clearly the season for you. We do think that Kelley is in a really good spot right now, but that could change with one wrong move or slip-up from one of her allies.

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