Outlander season 5 debate: Who else should move to Fraser’s Ridge?

OutlanderAt this point, it should be abundantly clear that Fraser’s Ridge is the hub for much of the action on OutlanderIt’s a beautiful, picturesque setting, and it just so happens to be where a lot of the central characters are located.

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Moving into season 5, we absolutely expect to spend a LOT more time at Fraser’s Ridge, getting a chance to see in turn many familiar faces spend some time bonding … and also problem-solving. There’s always going to be a little bit of both there. What we’re curious about within this article is who could be an ideal person or two to join the community, especially since one of the goals of it is to expand the community outward a little bit!

Below, we come bearing a handful of suggestions — rest assured, there are no book spoilers within.

Murtagh – There’s obviously a great sort of appeal that comes from moving Duncan Lacroix’s character closer to Jamie and Claire. Think in terms of the history there! Yet, it’s also clearly a dangerous gambit to move him closer to where some of the British could be lurking around, given some of the new orders that have been handed down to Jamie.

Fergus and Marsali – While we know that Fergus has been actively looking for work in the city, we do want to see the time come where his new family with Marsali moves out to where Jamie is. It’d bring them all closer together and beyond that, we definitely think it could prove useful in protecting Murtagh to have him around.

Did we think about including separate entries for both these characters? Sure, but it’s hard to imagine one without the other. They’re a package at this point and we don’t want to see that change anytime soon. (The relationship between Marsali and Claire has absolutely evolved from where it was during some of the early days!)

Young Ian – Obviously, it would be wonderful and ideal in order to get John Bell’s character back in the fold … but we can’t see that happening right away in season 5. In order to make his decision with the Mohawk hold a certain degree of weight, though, you probably have to wait for a little while. There’s no real reason to rush this.

Could someone come over from Scotland? – You can easily make the case that eventually, some more of Jamie’s family could come over and spend some time at Fraser’s Ridge. It may not happen eventually, but it’s something that could be cool just so that we could see some more familiar faces down the line. (Also, even if it gave us a chance to see Lallybroch or one other familiar Outlander location, it would certainly prove to be worthwhile to us.)

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Who do you want to see spending some more time at Fraser’s Ridge moving into Outlander season 5? Be sure to share right away in the comments, and check back soon to get even more scoop on the show. (Photo: Starz.)

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