Grey’s Anatomy season 16: Should Chris Carmack be a series regular?

Grey's AnatomyThrough much of last night’s new Grey’s Anatomy episode, we found ourselves asking one question in our head, time and time again — why isn’t Chris Carmack locked in to this series in the long-term already?

At the start of season 15, it was easy to understand the discomfort and fear that some out there had for the character — there was a good reason for it! We’re talking here about someone in Link who people assumed would be a de-facto love interest for Meredith, and we learned from the whole Riggs saga that it’s so much harder to give a character depth long-term when you’re presenting them so much through a particular lens. We liked Link’s charisma and passion for the job, but perhaps the best thing for him was moving him away from the Meredith love triangle of sorts a little bit earlier this season. He wasn’t necessarily the right person for her in this particular moment, but as it turns out, he may be one of the BEST people for Amelia based on where she currently is in her life. He’s giving, lighthearted, passionate, and seems to have a pretty firm understanding of what he wants and doesn’t want.

We’re not sure that Link and Amelia are going to go the distance — there is still so much history there between Amelia and Owen, and we still wouldn’t be surprised if they end up being endgame. We do like those two characters together; yet, it’s clear that Owen isn’t altogether equipped to be in a relationship right now. Rather than trying to hone in some energy on some other people, he needs to focus it inward on himself and correct some of his flaws. Take, for example, his tendency to self-sabotage and also his inability at times to fully understand just what it is that he wants.

We’re not throwing up Link on the pedestal of perfection, as there are some clear issues that he has, as well. Namely, Link is that guy who seems to have nothing really get to him — he’s laid back at times to a fault and it can be frustrating that he doesn’t ever really get that intense. The most intense we’ve seen him was confronting Amelia’s family last night! He can be a hard guy to get to know just because he’s got such a carefree view of life; that may be misconstrued as him not being altogether deep.

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Can we give Chris Carmack a promotion already?

It’s clear at this point that he’s earned it, and made Link into one of the most developed, interesting characters from the past few years. Promoting him would also give us a chance to explore this character a little bit more from a vantage point of who he is separate from relationships — so much of the “Ortho God” has been more through that lens. We want more insight on his backstory, his friends, and why he’s at Seattle Grace. Carmack’s earned that opportunity and as viewers, we have an eagerness for more.

Obviously, we recognize that there are so many Grey’s Anatomy cast members already that it can be hard to add more; yet, that’s not changing our mind that Carmack and Greg Germann are two of the unsung heroes of the show this season, and guys who are worthy of every bit of spotlight that they can get.

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Do you want to see Carmack get a promotion to series regular for Grey’s Anatomy season 16? Be sure to share in the comments. Technically, we know that there is no official renewal yet, but it feels like a foregone conclusion. (Photo: ABC.)

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