Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 22 preview: ‘Head Over High Heels’

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 6Want to get a sense of what’s coming on Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 22? Then prepare yourself for a story that may feel like a bit more of a return to normal operations for this show. For starters, we’re heading back to Grey Sloan and not some other hospital in another part of the world. Meanwhile, you’re actually returning to several of the show’s main characters after a few were put in the back seat last week. Things are starting to return to normal, or at least however normal as normal can be.

There are still a lot of different struggles that characters will be facing in “Head Over High Heels,” whether it be relationship issues or Jo still struggling to endure the trauma she went through with her mother while returning to work. For some more information all about that, check out the official Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 22 synopsis below:

Meredith debates how to handle an unexpected situation in her personal life, while Richard has an untimely reunion with an old friend. Jo has a hard time at work, and Owen tries therapy.

So what do some of these storylines mean? For Meredith, we think her awkward situation has a lot to do with where she stands on the medical hierarchy over Andrew DeLuca, who is working his way up the ranks but whose future is largely dependent still on people like her. She has to think of him less as a lover and more as a young doctor here, and that could prove difficult. If she makes a move that isn’t 100% an endorsement of his skills, he could feel hurt and disappointed on the other side of that.

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Meanwhile, with Owen, it feels like he’s really doing the thing that he should have been doing a LONG time ago — trying to actually repair his life a little bit and get himself back on track. He needs to be doing whatever he can to better understand why he does some of the things that he does when it comes to commitments and making a mess out of his life. We know that Owen is a great guy in his heart! However, his inability to actually make a decision and think mostly about himself has caused so much damage and hurt for the people around him. Until he actually works on uprooting some of these deep-seated issues, his life isn’t going to get better. It’s probably better that he isn’t in a relationship until he starts to figure this out because otherwise, he’ll just end up throwing more and more landmines into his path.

This is an episode that should perfectly set up some of what’s coming in the home stretch — we’ve got a few more episodes coming up beyond this one, including a crossover with Station 19! Provided that you love drama and the world of Grey’s Anatomy, you’re going to be satisfied with what’s coming up down the line.

What do you want to see when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 22? Be sure to share your thoughts and hopes in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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