Blindspot season 4 episode 18 video: Introducing Jane’s old poetry!

Blindspot season 3Leading into Blindspot season 4 episode 18 on NBC tomorrow night, who doesn’t want a chance to see something fun … and something lighthearted?

Let’s face it — there hasn’t been a lot of time for fun lately for Jane Doe given that she’s gone through everything from the Great Remi crisis to traumatic aftershocks … plus of course, all of the constant danger that she and the rest of the team are in. This isn’t the sort of job you want to take if your idea of an idea day involves some sort of peaceful stroll through tulips.

Yet, sometimes when you’re Jane, you can find some moments of levity in the most surprising of places — it’s what happens when you have some elements of your past that surface almost at random. In the sneak peek below, you can get a sense of some of this as some old poetry of Jane’s is uncovered amidst a search through some of Shepherd’s stuff. What we have in turn here is an opportunity for Weller to read about a particularly gothic phase in Jane’s past, one where she composed various musings (in a pretty cool way, mind you). It’s just a small little moment amidst everything else that is going on here, but there’s still something quite endearing about seeing him have a laugh about it while Jane tries to justify it — before, of course, they move on with the mission at large.

What we think this sneak preview represents perhaps more than anything else is the current state of Jeller who are, despite their various roadblocks and issues that have been thrown their way, quite happy. They are finding a way to navigate through the muck of the past and the hurdles that are still being tossed in front of them. Having Jane be Jane is a big step forward, but there are still five more episodes to go this season. That could be an opportunity for the two of them to get closer together, or this could be a chance for the writers to throw even more chaos their way.

Our philosophy on this Jeller scene is the same as many others — enjoy it and relish it, since you don’t really know what’s going to be happy for the two of them the next time they have a scene together. Even if they do, there’s no guarantee that they will still have a smile on your face.

As for what else is coming up in this episode…

The #1 thing to be excited about — beyond this scene, of course, is getting a chance to get Bill Nye back on the show! Any chance that a real-life Science Guy weaves his way into this world, it’s yet another incentive to watch … though we’re sure that most of you out there are doing that anyway since you’re fighting to make sure that a season 5 renewal happens.

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