A Million Little Things season 2: The writers’ room is now open!

Million Little ThingsFor all who are excited already for A Million Little Things season 2, isn’t it nice to know that work is already being done?

If you look below, you can see via show executive producer DJ Nash that the writers are officially back to work — even though they’re out to lunch in this photo. The majority of the work that goes into making a show you don’t see, mostly because the cast isn’t around for it. We’re talking about the screenwriting process, the location scouting, the building of the props and sets, and then, of course, the editing and scoring of the episodes after the fact. This is all the backbone of a series and the sort of stuff that is worth all of the commendation and attention possible.

The writers are going to be at this for many weeks, long before the cast even descends back on set to start work — which is actually earlier than what you’re seeing for some other shows out there. Nash said previously that the first episode of season 2 starts shooting in the middle of June, which is a couple of weeks, at least, before the majority of the other fall shows get back to work. We can’t blame them for wanting to take advantage of some of the warmer weather that Vancouver has to offer, and there may be some other reasons for the shooting window, as well, that are important for folks behind the scenes but harder to comment on from the outside.

So what is the goal for season 2 at large? We’d love to call it a season of healing after much of what transpired the first time around, and for some out there, it may very well be just that. However, for others, we could be in the midst of a season that is more about watching some of these people trying to overcome new obstacles that are going to be thrown at them. This is a show that depicts a natural heartbeat of life, and things rarely ever settle out for an extended period of time. There is almost always another struggle or another curveball that needs to be examined … and we’re sure that there are things that will transpire now with this cast that are impossible to predict.

The real key to the success of A Million Little Things is making sure that the stories feel real and truthful for the highs and lows of some of these characters. If the writers continue to make this show personal and appealing to so many of the folks out there who watch it, it’ll be successful. We’re not going to be at the point where we’re worried for the long-term future just yet — there are many months ahead that we can do that.

Expect the premiere date for A Million Little Things season 2 to be at some point this fall. To get some further news all about it, be sure to visit the link here now.

What do you want to see on A Million Little Things season 2, and are you excited already that some of the writers are back to create some of their wizardry? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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