Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 8 review: The Frankenstein monster Tribal

David Wright

Just about immediately into Wednesday’s Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 8, we got a sense that there was still a sense of chaos within the game. It started with Eric being voted out last week and tonight, it continued with alliances being split as to what they wanted to do.

At the conclusion of the immunity challenge tonight, we saw Gavin walk away proclaiming that he was ready to take out David Wright — a worthy, resume-building move since we’re talking about a strong player and a guy who’s been very close to winning a number of different immunity challenges already (including tonight). Yet, the typical CarterMatt Survivor rule is that if you’re labeled as the target immediate after immunity, you’re probably not going to go home.

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After the immunity challenge, we saw pitch after pitch after pitch. What’s funny about it was that Kelley and Lauren were subtly trying to push for David to stay and Ron to be voted out instead, and what that did was push Julia closer to the original Kama again. She wants to get rid of Kelley, and that didn’t please Gavin on the other side of it. He still wants what he wants, and that is to figure out a way to get rid of David.

Here’s the thing, though — David and Rick are sharing that immunity idol and because of that, they have to be prepared to use it. Rick’s ready to let him do that, and because Kelley started to get suspicious about how the Kama people weren’t talking to her, she was ready to use it, too! Just 34 minutes into the episode, we were heading off to Tribal Council and that has to be as strange of a situation as you’re ever going to find on this show.

What happened at Tribal

Even without knowing the vote, it was already clear that this was going to be one of the greatest Tribal Councils this season. You had Julie breaking down in the middle of it, Rick Devens throwing truth-bombs all over the place, and then all sorts of weird, sea-related metaphors that also included at one point David Wright taking a poop.

Then, at one point tonight Rick decided to just throw down an enormous gauntlet down and trying to get the original Lesu five to work with Ron and Julie to make some sort of big vote. Then, EVERYONE just started to get up and talk to each other. At one point Kelley went ahead and told David that he was the original target of the vote, and then Julie screamed that she couldn’t trust some of the younger Kama people and proclaimed she was jumping ship.

All of this … and we hadn’t even gotten to the vote yet! By the time that we did, we had legitimately zero idea what was actually going to happen. Julia was the most upset by the time we got around to the vote, we had no idea what was going to happen … but David was safe thanks to the immunity idol. He didn’t really need it, though! Julia was the one voted off, which means no more confusion between her and Julie the rest of the season.

CarterMatt Verdict

Julia didn’t get a ton of screen time most of the season, but the craziness at Tribal tonight made ALL of it worthwhile. Her exit tonight proves further that she was a tad too bold with the move last week, but she still has the Edge of Extinction to think about as a reprieve.

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