Arrow season 7: Emily Bett Rickards officially wraps filming

Emily Bett RickardsAfter seven seasons of playing Felicity Smoak, it’s officially curtains for Emily Bett Rickards on Arrow.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Stephen Amell confirmed that Tuesday was the final day for his longtime co-star. He also shared this, just to put you in the right emotional mood for what was actually happening on the set:

There are days when actors shed a noble tear in a scene and there are days when they ugly cry to the point of fogging up their scene partners glasses. Today was the latter.

For those of you who are wondering why there were scenes filmed for the season after the wrap party this weekend, the simple answer to this is that wrap parties are more organized for when everyone is going to be available, including a lot of the people who are already done with filming and want to either go home or to other jobs. It’s pretty common that there are some people left to film on the other side.

As for how Felicity’s going to be wrapped up on the show, that’s something that still remains a tightly-veiled mystery. The announcement of her exit was such a shock given that all signs seem to suggest that she’s still going to be around in the future, so her missing from Star City carries with it its own element of mystery. Maybe she’ll just be off immersed in some sort of super-secret project that will keep her from being focused on in terms of the main action of this show. We know that the decision for Rickards to leave was her own, and while we want to hope that she’ll be able to jump back over to Arrow for a potential series finale, the ball’s really in her court and after being on this show for as long as she has, the last thing that we want to do is apply any greater pressure on the subject.

For now, let’s just give Emily a round of applause and copious thanks for bringing one of the show’s most inspirational characters to life. Felicity made Oliver a better person and beyond just that, she made all of the Arrowverse better. She demonstrated to The Flash and Supergirl especially that you can have these sort of hacker/tech specialist characters who are every bit as heroic and beloved as the main characters. These people can help to broaden your horizons and remind viewers that there’s so much more to a superhero show than someone running around in a costume. We’ve already said this a few times over at this point, but it’s still worth noting that Emily initially came on board Arrow for a small role — one that evolved into so much more just because she was too good for production to let go of her.

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