NCIS season 16 episode 20 video: Is Gibbs the suspect in a murder case?

NCISBased on the new NCIS season 16 episode 20 promo (CarterMatt has that for you to check out below), one thing is abundantly clear: It’s a tough time to be Gibbs at the moment. You’re questioning your faith in one of your own rules, you’re probably realizing that Bishop has a secret she’s keeping from you, and now, you’re about to become tied to a murder case.

Is it possible that Gibbs killed someone around the time of September 11? No. We don’t think it is. Yet, when a body is found and Gibbs’ blood is on her uniform, the team’s going to realize how tough of a spot that they’re in. Their fearless leader is going to be all tied up in a murder case and they gotta do whatever they can in order to protect him. This is why you see McGee, at the end of the promo, tell Mark Harmon’s character to go home. This isn’t about him suspecting that Gibbs is involved (didn’t we just go through this with Bishop and Torres?); instead, it’s more about him realizing that the more Gibbs is tied to the case, the more impartial the investigation looks on the outside. Nobody wants this case to net a less-than-satisfying result only for it to then be blamed on Gibbs’ involvement. Then the allegations of cover-ups and other nonsense start to come to the surface.

McGee’s a guy who has now been around the block long enough to realize that there is nothing good that is going to come from Gibbs being around the office during all of this; the best place he can be is home, which may be good since that will give him some more time to process what Bishop told him … or what she didn’t tell him. As we wrote last night, Gibbs isn’t the sort of guy to let things go and now that he knows that she’s harboring some sort of secret, isn’t he going to work on figuring out what that is? It’s just not like him to do nothing and let that moment pass without taking a deeper look and we foresee this story continuing to lurk behind the scenes for the next few episodes. Maybe this all culminates with Cote de Pablo finally coming back in the finale, or the writers taking a little bit longer to get to that point. Either way, we know that it’s a component of this story and absolutely one to keep on your radar.

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For now, let’s just make sure that Gibbs doesn’t get himself in big-time legal trouble for a murder case that seems to be stemming from more than 15 years in the past. Nobody does a cold case quite like NCIS does, especially when there are so many important events tied to the life that was lost.

Curious as to what’s next on NCIS?

How do you think that Gibbs is involved within this episode? Be sure to sound off with some of your thoughts in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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