NCIS season 16: Will Gibbs pick up on Bishop – Ziva reveal?

Mark Harmon
While there was clearly a lot going on during Tuesday night’s NCIS episode “Perennial,” there was an important moment for Gibbs that absolutely should not be forgotten. It’s one that involves Bishop, Ziva, and a throwaway comment that is clearly not that.

Here’s the line, if you missed it tonight: “If you know, I need you to say it.” That’s what Bishop said to Gibbs while in the midst of a larger conversation about her plant, which was her way of trying to keep an element of Ziva alive … and also probably a way for her to be able to encroach on the subject without betraying Ziva’s trust.

After Bishop said that line to Gibbs, he made it clear that he didn’t know what she was talking about and we believe him. We don’t think that Gibbs knows anything about whether or not Ziva is alive, which is what Ellie was clearly fishing for. We think that he’s in the dark, or at least he’s in the dark for now.

The larger question that you do have to wonder now is simply this: Will Gibbs reflect on this? We’re talking about one of the smartest guys in any room and a guy who has a tendency to be quite reflective. He’s going to think back on what Bishop said to him and probably figure out that whatever Bishop was asking him, it has to do with Ziva to some degree. That’s why we wouldn’t be shocked if down the line, he approaches her again wanting some more information. We understand why Bishop approached him in the way that she did — the secret is probably eating her up inside — but Gibbs is probably one of the worst people to say something to since he’s not going to forget about it. Maybe if it was McGee or someone else they’d move forward and not think about it, but Gibbs? It feels hard to imagine that he’ll abandon this outright.

It’s true that “Perennial” tonight did not take any leaps forward when it comes to potentially getting Cote de Pablo back on NCIS, but we are continuing to see this season move forward almost at a crawl when it comes to this subject. They obviously don’t want us to forget about anything and we don’t see Bishop deciding to stick around Ziva’s office as an instead. Instead, this is almost a new beginning, a way for that location to remain on the show so that Ziva could turn up there later or there could at least be some sort of additional movement in this story.

Stay tuned. For the time being, that is the #1 thing we can say about where things are with Ziva and where things could be going.

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