The Blacklist season 6 theories: What’s with Reddington’s pills?

We recognize at this point that there are many notable theories out there in regards to The Blacklistbut very few are bigger or cast a longer shadow than the one about Reddington and the pills he’s taking. We’ve probably gotten more questions about what’s happening with Spalding Stark and the medication the past few weeks than even his true identity or what’s going on with Dembe as Reddington tries to look for who betrayed him.

This is a mystery that may be more long-term than some of these other things — hence, why the show isn’t really in some CRAZY rush to give you the answer. But, we know that there are some theories floating around out there and within this article, we want to do our part to tell you some of what we’ve heard. We’ve got three of the larger theories below, including what’s behind them and whether or not we feel like they could be legit. We’ve also got a new video below with some further discussion on the subject; Remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and also take a look at our official playlist all about The Blacklist. We have new videos up every Friday night so make sure you don’t miss out.

1. Reddington is sick – This is the most obvious and most understandable theory to conjure up after everything that we’ve seen James Spader’s character go through. With that being said, it is also flawed to a certain extent. If Reddington is ill, why weren’t there any problems with his physical right before his execution? If he is sick with something, it would have to be an illness that is fairly undetectable in most routine exams. It’s also not something that Reddington appears to be overtly concerned by given that he hasn’t actively talked about it with anyone other than Dembe.

If Reddington is sick, then this is something we need a little bit more intel on. What he’s going through would strongly influence a great deal of the remainder of his life and the people who care for him.

2. Reddington is concerned about being sick – It’s possible that many years ago, Reddington learned (potentially during his operation with Dr. Hans Koehler) that he is susceptible to a certain disease down the road and that maybe there is a certain point in his life he needs to start taking almost his version of preventative medicine … and that this could be it. Maybe this is Reddington trying to get up in front of the clock to make sure that he doesn’t get sick and some of Stark’s medication can be the very thing that actually helps to ensure that he is okay.

This, to us, is the most viable of the theories just because there’s nothing else established on the show to nullify it. If you’re one of the writers, this is a little less balancing on a high-wire act to get where you’re wanting to go.

3. The Rederina theory…  One of the more common, large-scale theories regarding The Blacklist is that Reddington and Katarina Rostova are one and the same, and in stemming from that, there are theories aplenty that maybe the character is undergoing some sort of hormone therapy or something following a transition to being a man. We’re not anywhere near educated enough in this subject to know exactly what Raymond Reddington would need to take to make that happen, but we’re somewhat dubious of this theory because Reddington became the man he is many years ago and this is the first time that we’ve ever heard anything about him needing or taking a certain dose of medication. Why bring this in just now, unless this is almost meant as a red herring for all of the people out there who still think that Reddington is Katarina?

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