Is a When Calls the Heart announcement coming soon?

When Calls the HeartWe understand that if you love Hallmark Channel’s When Calls the Heartthe past month or so has been a challenging, confusing time. There has not been an abundance of news out there on the subject of when it is coming back, let alone what is happening with Lori Loughlin’s character of Abigail. The only thing that has been confirmed is that Loughlin was fired from all of her Hallmark Channel commitments. She’s yet to enter a guilty verdict as a part of the college cheating scandal, but one of the other embroiled actresses in Felicity Huffman has.

What we can tell you within this piece is almost akin to an announce of an announcement. Per executive producer Brian Bird on Twitter, there is a new behind-the-scenes video that is running at around 2:00 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow. While Bird did not comment on precisely what this video contains, he made it clear that you “really, really do not want to miss it.” That’s the sort of tease that does have us wondering if it could presumably be a chance to get either a return date or at least an update on everything that is going on behind the scenes.

We’ve written extensively on this subject over the past few weeks, and we’ve even recorded a video or two discussing this subject further. (Check out one of the latest below, and remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more insight.) One of the ideas that we’ve settled on is that the folks over at Hallmark just go ahead and air the remainder of the episodes filmed featuring Lori in the cast. We know that the situation is not ideal, and we also recognize that there may be some confused viewers who think that these episodes were filmed after the scandal. The issue is just that trying to remove her or reshoot these episodes without her could cause either additional confusion or cost to the producers. We understand the need to remove Loughlin from future episodes, but not to punish the cast and crew who’ve already filmed some of what they have. We don’t think what happened is such a distraction that these episodes in the can are unable to be either watched or enjoyed.

Of course, we say all of this as someone who is not being paid the big bucks in order to run a cable network that has a lot riding on this show. Hallmark is being careful because When Calls the Heart is one of their biggest hits and their brand is highly dependent on loyalty. They have to make the right decision in regards to this show, mostly because that very decision could end up dramatically impacting a lot of their other shows at the same time.

If you do want to get some other When Calls the Heart updates…

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