Big Brother Canada 7 interview: Kiera Wallace on her game, epic speech, & more

KieraKiera Wallace is one of those players on Big Brother Canada who you hear talk about the game, and feel good about in terms of their long-term chances. Then, for one reason or another, it just doesn’t come together and they don’t end up making it as far as you’d want. Kiera mostly fell victim to the same thing as several other people did this season — the Pretty Boys bro alliance. Because she wasn’t too directly attached to one of the guys, she found herself expendable. That’s what has happened this season to just about everyone. Just think about it — Dane has Estefania and Adam has Sam, and that’s kept those two around a little bit longer. In the end though, we don’t foresee any of the remaining women going too far given the path that they’re currently on.

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Below, you can see all of what Kiera had to say on the subject of her time in the house, her alliances, and how difficult it can sometimes be to actually deal with paranoia and feel like yourself.

CarterMatt – What’s surprised you the most about the game since coming out of the house?

Kiera – Truthfully, that I didn’t trust my gut instincts. Everyone was so quick to jump to conclusions about different alliances and duos running the house, when in reality there were four guys running the house in four separate rooms, gathering a lot of information.

Here’s the hard thing about it — you can only see and hear so much in the game, and in this environment, I know paranoia can fester and things that are more obvious to people watching are so less obvious in there. After a certain period of time, do you even feel like yourself?

It’s interesting. I think there were different parts of myself that were starting to come out. I noticed myself become more sensitive and perceptive than I thought I was, but you’re right — in that game, it’s 24/7. It doesn’t stop. It’s the moment you wake up and the moment you go to bed and sometimes, you just don’t even sleep. There is so much that you can speculate about.

Now that you know that there are these four bros that are running the game, and in turn taking out women that they can’t seem to directly control, do you feel you were targeted at least by them as a threat? You were close in several competitions throughout the season.

I think it’s an accumulation of a lot of different things. I think my competitive nature and getting close to wins definitely shook some people up, and I think if there’s a female and there’s a lot of guys banding together, they’re going to want to get the female out that’s strong. I also think it’s partly because Kyra was given the power of the Blood Veto and they chose not to use it. They’re an emotional player and I should’ve thought about that more and that they could hold a grudge against me for Chelsea leaving.

But how do you really campaign to someone like Kyra given that you don’t know what the power actually does? What sort of arguments can you really make?

All I can do is say my points, talk about my campaign and why I would be beneficial for Kyra’s game moving forward. I think that it is not easy to campaign when you don’t know what you are campaigning for, and in this case we didn’t know if it would be good or bad. But, I still had to campaign to them in hopes that they would use it on me.

One thing that I appreciated was you going in hard on Dane in your speech. What was going through your head in that moment when you did that?

Honestly, it was a little bit of an out-of-body experience. I don’t even quite remember what I said (laughs). It was a lot of time and a lot of observation and a lot of thought that went into what I had to say. I had to let it out in that moment. Dane was doing really well socially, and was doing really well in competitions. He was able to formulate bonds with people that other people couldn’t do.

Ultimately, I needed Este to know before I left that I didn’t trust Dane and I wanted to give her a little bit of insight on what I truly felt was happening. Regardless of if it was happening, I wanted her to know how I truly felt.

I know it’s impossible to put you back in that moment, but had you stayed and won Head of Household, what would you have done?

I would put both Adam and Dane up, it doesn’t matter which one of them went. If Dane went, that would keep Este and I close. If Adam went, it would be beneficial since I could get closer to Sam.

What was your read on Adam in the game? I feel like he’s made mistakes, but he’s so insulated and he’s won enough competitions to really make it easier for him to overcome them.

From my perspective as a fan and competitor, I really respected his competitive nature. I think if you’re going to go into Big Brother, you should be playing to win and he made it obvious that he was playing to win.

Really, I have big respect for him. As a player, I don’t really know where his head is at much of the time — even with the knowledge of the guys’ alliance, I don’t know if he would cut Sam. He’s really close with her emotionally. I’m not sure what kind of player he is.

Did you ever think coming into the game you’d be as close to someone as you’ve become with Este?

No. I really didn’t. I think I have a hard time connecting with people on a deep level, but the moment I met her, I felt a soul connection right off the bat. She is absolutely my Young Blood sister forever. She is my best friend. I couldn’t be more grateful to have met her.

This is the one kinda-cruel question I have to ask, but I’m curious. Let’s say it’s you, Este, and someone else at final three. Would you have cut Este if it meant you had a better chance at winning?

I would absolutely go to the final two with her. If she won, it would’ve been a win for me as well. There are no hard feelings in that regard; it would be up to the jury at that point to decide which one of us played a better game. I knew what sort of game she would have played and I respect her so much. I couldn’t cut her.

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