Big Brother Canada 7 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 38)

Dane RupertToday in the Big Brother Canada 7 house, it’s finally happened — the move that Dane’s been wanting since his first Head of Household reign.

Earlier today at the Veto Ceremony, we saw Dane officially remove himself from the block and with that, Sam is now officially the replacement nominee. Either Sam or Estefania is going to be evicted and sent over to the jury on Thursday — more than likely, it’s going to be Sam. While Adam won’t be voting to send her there, Dane, Anthony, and Mark all want to get rid of her in the game. Sam will probably have the support as Kyra, but given that there are only six people voting this week, that’s really all that matters. Does anyone even remember that Damien is in the house at this point? It’s pretty easy to forget, given that the guy’s been a ghost for much of the season as of late. He really needs to find a way to get into power coming up at some point in the future.

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So how is Sam feeling after being nominated? Certainly upset, especially since she feels like Kyra is the only person who’s been 100% loyal to her as of late. But, Kyra and Sam are both to blame for this situation. Had Sam targeted the other guys when she was Head of Household, or had Kyra actually used the Blood Veto, maybe they’d be in a slightly better position. Or, had Sam taken more stock in the idea that there was a guys’ alliance in the game.

This is the real silly part of the game this season — that nobody has seemed to actually care about there being so many strong guys who have all stuck together in the game.

Who is actually the best player?

It’s Anthony. Dane’s the one who keeps catching the heat for a lot of the moves, but Anthony’s sort of just lurking in the background and letting the guys in front of him catch the bullets. Yet, a lot of people in this game all feel good with Anthony including Head of Household Cory, who was strongly influenced by him this week. Of course, what Anthony probably wants now is for someone like Adam to win Head of Household to nominate Cory and get rid of her without him getting any blood on his hands.

The Pretty Boys seemed pretty primed to continue to run this season, but we do still think that there are some ways for this game to be shaken up a little bit … ways that involve getting a chance to see Mark get into power so that he can actually make a move for the good of his resume. As of right now, we think that Adam and Anthony may have the best chance of winning this season. Maybe that will change, but these are the guys who Mark should be going after first since there’s so much distaste for Dane already out there.

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