Is 911 new tonight on Fox? Season 2 episode 14 teases

9-1-1 season 2 episode 2Is 911 new tonight on Fox? It feels like it was only yesterday that it came back after that really long hiatus, so obviously, there’s that nagging part of our brain that makes us wish that the network just gave us a new episode every week the rest of the way. Think of it as a make-good.

Alas, the scheduling gods apparently do not believe in make-goods given that there is no new episode tonight. The irony is that we feel like Fox probably scheduled things out this way in advance tonight because they wanted to protect the show. Tonight the National Championship Game in college basketball is airing on CBS, and at the time Fox probably thought it would be something akin to Duke versus another powerhouse team. Instead of Zion Williamson though, we’re getting Virginia and Texas Tech — two slower-paced teams that don’t exactly have a ton of National TV exposure or huge, marquee stars.

What we’re trying to say is that given tonight’s matchup, Fox probably could’ve aired 911 and been just fine — they just had no way of knowing moving into the episode that this was going to be the way in which stuff shook out. There was no way to predict any of that otherwise we’d be rolling in March Madness winnings instead of burning out at the beginning of the tournament as usual.

So what is actually going to be coming up when this episode airs? After everything that we’ve been through with this show, with Chimney, and of course seeing Maddie try to escape the wrath of Doug, there is something that is nice about returning more towards the show’s core next week — dramatic rescues and seeing whether or not characters like Bobby and Hen can protect people from crises. We’ve got everything coming up from a boy trapped in a burning building to an incident with a baby, one that is going to lead to Aisha Hinds’ character doing everything that she can in order to protect them.

9-1-1 is a series that means so much to so many of us because this is more then just a rescue show. These are people that are so incredibly relatable, that have gone through the trenches and have have come out stronger on the other side, but what we love about them is seeing that they still struggle with their demons as many of us do.

Let’s just say this entering this episode: Chimney shouldn’t be magically recovered just yet. Give the guy a breather! While we know that a lot of these people are superheroes, that doesn’t mean that they have the ability to heal themselves in the blink of an eye and get back to business. There are still a handful of episodes to go (think five overall), so there’s going to be plenty of time to dive into some meaty stuff. Don’t think of this hiatus as something that’s going to stunt momentum so that the show’s not able to end on some sort of high note.

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