NCIS season 16 episode 19 video: Is that Ziva’s houseplant?

NCISNCIS season 16 episode 19 is entitled “Perennial,” and we’ve wondered ever since the title was first announced what that meant. We know that perennials are plants … so does this episode actually have something to do with a plant? We’re not ruling that out, especially after seeing Bishop with one in the sneak peek we have for you below.

This particular plant is one that Emily Wickersham’s character seems desperate to restore back to life, even though it is obviously is super-terrible shape. It looks like it’s in desperate need of water, sunlight, and maybe a priest. She wants to speak with Kasie about ways to help revive it from its dormant state … while Torres seems to advise her to just throw it right in the dumpster.

So why is Bishop so desperate to help out this plant? This plant is one of the things from Ziva’s shack that she’s moved out of the place (if you go back and look at “She” you can see this same dead plant in the room) — we know that this story will be revisited within “Perennial” and with Ziva in the wind, Bishop’s taking it upon herself to protect it, just like she is also taking it upon herself in order to protect Ziva’s secret and make sure that nobody learns the full-on truth about her still being alive. Perhaps this is the plant she wants to keep alive and help to blossom into something beautiful; it’s a chance for her to, in her own way, keep a part of her legacy alive. She may not be able to tell anyone about the secret, but this could be the physical manifestation of this very thing.

Personally, we have not only loved the Ziva storyline since we never thought she was dead in the first place, but we have loved the connection that Bishop is having to her and the trust that Ziva is placing with her. This is a major secret that Bishop has to carry and if she can put some of that energy into this plant – well that’s a wonderfully positive side plot that we would live for.

Before we let go of this sneak peek, we don’t want to let go of the random fun via Jimmy Palmer carting around a ton of green paper ordered by accident. The visual itself, coupled with the mental picture Brian Dietzen creates, are worthy of some laughs.

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What else is happening here?

“Perennial” is an episode featuring a dangerous active-shooter storyline, as Gibbs and the rest of the team are called to a hospital in order to assess the aftermath of what’s happening. However, soon after arriving you see the panic in Jack Sloane’s voice as she tries to see a list of the people involved. Soon after that, she soon opts to recuse herself from the investigation, much to the disappoint of all-hands-on-deck Gibbs, who realizes that police are short-staffed and he needs someone to help gather witness statements.

Whatever is happening with Sloane within this episode, it’s connected deeply to her past. Expect some powerhouse stuff in here from Maria Bello, and expect this to constitute most of the episode. While we may talk about houseplants here, there is something so much more that is coursing through the remainder of this story. Hopefully, like a perennial, this is a story that shall live on for some time.

For some more insight regarding this episode…

We suggest that you check out the link here to behold the official synopsis and check out even more speculation regarding what could be coming next. Also, share your thoughts about Bishop’s plant and so much more in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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