Shadowhunters season 3 episode 18 preview: Halloween horrors

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilers
Next week, Shadowhunters season 3 episode 18 is giving us an installment entitled “The Beast Within,” or as we like to call it, Halloween in April. There is a part of us that wonders if the writers originally conceived this episode for it to air all the way back in the fall, that way the timing around the holiday made a little bit more sense. Regardless, this is an episode that should contain a lot of spooky stuff, but also not shy too much away from some important storylines at the same time.

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Just remember where things are at the moment: While it seems as though there’s a way to split up Clary from Jonathan, he does still have a hold on her. Meanwhile, Magnus is spiraling following his revelation that he cannot get his magic back, and unless Alec can find a way to help him, he’s going to be worried that the man that he loves is going to be buried underneath all of this pain and fear that he won’t quite measure up. His sadness is based on insecurity, and also the feeling that he does not have the same identity to fall back on … and the one that people loved. Who is he without that?

If Magnus were real, we wish we could go to him and tell him that people love him for who he is, and that he’s going to be okay. This is one of the reasons why this character is so spectacular and easily one of our favorites. Even though he’s had this incredibly long life, he’s experiencing a sort of vulnerability right now that SO many people out there can relate to. We know that these are emotions that almost everyone feels at one point in their lives and this story is a reminder to viewers that it’s perfectly normal and we all experience it. It’s also normal to need a little bit of a love from others. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through or whatever time of the year it is.

Below, CarterMatt offers up the official Shadowhunters season 3 episode 18 synopsis with some additional insight on what’s next:

A demon outbreak in New York City on Halloween becomes a top priority at the Institute, but as the Shadowhunters hunt the demons, Jace becomes more worried about Clary. Meanwhile, Alec has to juggle the outbreak with his deep concern about Magnus’ depression.

Expect an episode that finds a way both to combine heartache and pain with a little bit of adventure and whimsy. Those are things, alongside terror, that often comes across on October 31.

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