The Good Doctor season 3 spotlight: Claire Browne’s future journey

ClaireWe’re in the midst of another week without an episode of The Good Doctor on the air — basically, something that’s going to be a trend for the next several months.

While you find yourselves gasping for water in the midst of this no new-episode wasteland, allow us to help quench your thirst! We’re back with another new character spotlight today, and the focus is on a fantastic character in Dr. Claire Browne. Antonia Thomas and the writers have created a stellar, wonderfully-empathetic character here who is great at her profession, but also means a whole lot more to many people. She’s a daughter, a friend, and someone still trying to sift through her flaws. She’s not perfect and nor is she striving to be; she’s just trying to have a stable, successful life in a high-octane position.

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Through two seasons, we’ve already seen a lot from her in terms of highs and lows … so where could we see the story go from here? Within this article, we do come bearing a few more suggestions to add to the mix.

1. Explore Claire’s romantic life again – We don’t think that this is an every-season thing that needs to happen on this show for any character. Yet, there was enough time in season 2 where we pushed pause on this that we would be glad to get back into it in season 3. We do think that Claire will have some options provided that she wants them — we’d like to see her actually date a little beyond the hospital given how many people already have relationships that exist within. (We know that there is a Shaun/Claire camp out there, though personally we prefer the two of them as friends.) She doesn’t need to be locked into a serious relationship; it’d just be nice to see her showcase authority and find what she wants through the dating experience.

2. Where is her confidence at now as a doctor? – We saw Claire have a Shaun-like moment of clarity at the end of season 2 regarding a patient, and while we don’t expect to see the world too much from her perspective like that moving forward, we are all for the idea of her taking the lead more on cases and also giving us a chance to see her show maybe some younger medical students the ropes. She can go from the person who was trying to learn to even more of a mentor.

3. What’s next with Claire and Shaun – We could certainly envision her continuing to be a source for advice for Shaun as he embarks on a possible new relationship with Carly; we think that there’s a lot of humor to these scenes, but also potential conflict. What happens when Claire tried to help him and it blows up on Shaun? How much would he blame her for that? We can see Claire trying so hard to help and being hurt when her efforts don’t lead to a desired result.

4. Explore Claire’s relationship with her mother even more – This has been one of the personal heartbeats for this character outside of the show and it’s produced some of Thomas’ best work yet. It almost takes away a lot of that professionalism and renders her back to being a little kid trying to understand why her mom does what she does. We’d want to see the two try to work together more in season 3, including when they are hit with some unexpected obstacles. They’re very different people, but where is their common ground?

Season 3 of The Good Doctor will more than likely premiere on ABC this fall.

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