Outlander season 5: How will Claire’s status as a healer be shown off?

OutlanderOutlander season 5 is going to be filming throughout the months ahead! There’s a cause for great excitement with that, though filming hardly equals us actually getting an opportunity to learn a thing or two more about some of the characters or the story.

Within this article, we want to talk not so much about any character personally — instead, why not have a bit of a discussion about Claire professionally! We know that she’s a doctor, and we know that in the 18th century, she should probably be the most in-demand doctor that you’re ever going to see. There isn’t a single person out there with her natural knowledge of medicine and how the human body works. The question is just how many want to take advantage of her skills.

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Through most of season 5, or at least the parts of it that are set around Fraser’s Ridge, we anticipate her being able to use some of her skills to help some of the new settlers who are coming to the region — and also challenging some of them when their archaic understanding of medicine rears its head (which it almost certainly well on a number of different occasions). We’re hoping that there are some opportunities for her to perform a few medical miracles, showcase controversial techniques, and then also help to make this a wonderful, thriving destination for good people. Doesn’t having a good doctor nearby mean something?

In a larger sense, though, we do wonder what the impact will be of her emergency surgery at the theater last season. Could that make her a local celebrity? We do think that something fun could transpire from seeing people from as far as Wilmington visit her in hopes of inquiring about her services. While Jamie may be the Laird of Fraser’s Ridge, we’ve certainly seen throughout every season of this show that Claire is of equal footing. She’s intelligent, determined, and involved. Not every other person within society has seen it, but clearly, the men and women of North Carolina do recognize her value.

Of course, the tricky thing for Claire is continuing to do her work without boasting and throwing herself far up on a pedestal. She recognizes the role of the timeline and some of what could happy if she goes from being a small part of history to someone who alters it in a little more of a substantial way. Who knows what that ripple effect would look like? The rules of Outlander and time travel are complicated, but we don’t foresee her really wanting to play around with them all that much.

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How do you want to see Claire’s skills utilized as a doctor moving into Outlander season 5? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: Starz.)

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