Blue Bloods season 9 debate: When should Jamie, Eddie tell the precinct?

Blue Bloods season 9

We’re getting rather close to the end of Blue Bloods season 9 on CBS and yet, there is one major hanging chad when it comes to the Jamie / Eddie relationship — and we’re not even talking here about the wedding!

Instead, we’re talking about the fact that for some reason, Jamie and Eddie’s entire precinct still seems to be in the dark about the two of them being engaged. It’s really remarkable when you think about how long they’ve been together, how long they’ve been at that precinct and the fact that they don’t really seem to be hiding their relationship at all outside of work. They go out to eat all the time and yet, somehow, nobody from the precinct has ever caught them!

In a way, we’re a little disappointed that they haven’t been caught just yet, mostly because watching the two of them deal with the fallout of that feels like it would be a really juicy way in which to further along this story and maybe in some ways even give them some relief from the secrets.

So when will Jamie and Eddie’s secret actually come out? If we had it our way, it would be an episode or two before the finale. All indications are that season 9 is going to close with that Jamie/Eddie wedding so many people have been looking forward to and if that’s the case, we don’t want to try to cram in the precinct finding out in the same episode. You gotta tell these people in advance!

Think about it this way — a huge component of being a good cop is trust and having the trust of just about everyone around you. If you get married without telling them in advance, they’re not going to be happy. They’re not going to be happy that the relationship has been going on this whole time, or that they’ve been sneaking around and people may be left feeling a bit betrayed; maybe they’ll understand given the circumstances, but you need to show a little bit of respect towards them. Get everyone together and tell them at a meeting. Allow Eddie to get reactions from her fellow colleagues and give her the confidence to try to handle her relationships.

Self-restraint. That is what Jamie is going to need to exercise perhaps more than anything when the information comes out. He’s going to feel this need to demand that people on the force not treat Eddie any different, but she’s ultimately going to be so much better off if she can find a way to properly figure this out for herself. Otherwise, she’s just setting herself up for more problems down the road.

When do you want to see the secret hit the precinct on Blue Bloods season 9? Be sure to sound off in the attached comments.

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