Is God Friended Me new tonight on CBS? Finale expectations

God Friended MeIs God Friended Me new on CBS tonight? We know that the enthusiasm is there for this meaningful Sunday show to deliver a finale like no other. All season long, we’ve had questions, including who is behind the God Account, why they’re doing it, and if Miles and Cara are going to end this batch of episodes together.

Unfortunately, we have to wait for seven more days to get closer to some answers — though there may not be any certain answers then either. This week, CBS is temporarily putting its Sunday shows away to make room for the Academy of Country Music Awards — it’s an annual tradition, not that you would know this if you love God Friended Me and don’t tend to check out most of the other shows that CBS has. Everything, including the God Friended Me finale, will be back on CBS in seven days’ time.

While we wait, why not go ahead and point out a few of the different things you should expect to see? If this article is not enough for you and you want even more, perhaps our latest video all about the finale that we have for you below will also be an asset! On the other side of watching this, remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube — we don’t want you to miss any other scoop pertaining to the show.

1. Can Miles help Simon Hayes? – It makes a certain degree of sense that the final friend suggestion of the season would be one of the show’s most important people in Simon Hayes. This is a man who on paper, seems to have everything. Yet, because of the actions of Miles and the God Account, he now actually has nothing. His entire goal to save the world is in bits and pieces and there’s no clear-cut way to help him. Team God Account to the rescue! This is at least what the group may be thinking right now as they scramble to conjure up the right solution so that they haven’t ruined the past ten or so years of his career.

2. How will Henry Chase factor into the story? – Is he responsible for the God Account, or is this yet another red herring wrapped within another red herring? The elusive man will be coming on board the show in the finale and is being played by Derek Luke … though CBS is being rather hush-hush about a lot of the other finer details. He’s just a mysterious figure to watch as the rest of this narrative unravels because of his history with Simon.

3. Will Miles and Cara emerge from this season together? – Because of what’s happened the past couple of weeks, we’re inclined to say yes! It feels like some of the worst for the two of them is actually now over and they can move forward and enjoy one another’s company … at least so long as some of the stress of solving the God Account mystery doesn’t rake their brains over the coals too much.

If you want to get some more news regarding the God Friended Me finale right now, we suggest heading over here and reading the synopsis!

What do you think is coming on the God Friended Me finale, and are you bummed about having to wait a good week to behold it? Share right away in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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