Chicago Med season 4 episode 19 video: Goodwin puts her life on the line

GoodwinAt this point, you would think that Chicago Med would be prepared to handle a hostage situation … but is anyone really ever prepared for a hostage situation? These people are doctors, nurses, and administrators; they shouldn’t have to become cops as well.

Yet, when Chicago Med returns with new episodes a little bit later this month, Sharon Goodwin is going to find herself in a position where she’ll have to assess the situation and realize that the #1 way to save the most lives is to put her own in jeopardy. When an active shooter threatens the hospital, she’ll find herself communicating with authorities. What’s her job? To navigate the shooter into a specific spot in the hospital. That’s where snipers can take them out, and she can ensure that everyone else in the hospital gets to breathe another day.

Here is the problem, and this is something that Goodwin knows rather well following many years of running a hospital: There are very few situations in this world where everything happens “according to plan.” The vast majority of situations out there are ones where the plan falls apart and you have to make a new plan on the fly. It’s possible that Goodwin gets caught in the crossfire, or that the shooter is resistant to even following Sharon to a specific spot in the hospital at all. Typically, someone who is threatening to shoot up a hospital is not the most mentally stable of individuals.

For those who want to see Sharon in the spotlight as a character, this episode is that long-awaited opportunity. We’ve been coveting something a tad different with this show for a while, mostly because one of the larger issues we’ve had with season 4 is that it’s felt a little too much like a revolving door of stories pertaining to various relationships in the hospital. We love a good love story as much as anyone, but when the majority of your show is mostly about said love story, you miss out on some other solid stuff along the way. That includes updates on other aspects of the characters’ lives.

Now, let’s go ahead and take on the question that is lying underneath everything in the subtext for this episode: Could the writers for Chicago Med actually kill the Goodwin character off? Our feeling is probably not, largely because we don’t see the motivation for that, or how killing her off really benefits the show at all. Do you really need to create a “nobody is safe” sort of environment on a medical drama? This is not The Walking Dead we’re talking about here.

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