Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 8: Five players to watch

Edge of ExtinctionSurvivor: Edge of Extinction episode 8 is airing come Wednesday night on CBS, and it’s feeling increasingly clear that we’re entering an exceptional part of this season. The previews are suggesting that some sort of jaw-dropping, game-altering move is coming up down the pipeline, though it’s not 100% clear as to precisely what this said move really is. We’re just hoping that it’s a way in which this game turns AGAIN after a pre-merge game that other than the Aubry vote, really wasn’t setting the Survivor world on fire.

We’re back today with our latest weekly edition of five players to watch, hoping to craft a picture of some people eager to make a move amidst a game with a whole lotta flux throughout it. We have a feeling things are going to be VERY exciting here on out! At the bottom of this article is our weekly video on the subject; Remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube  so you don’t miss out on our weekly Survivor videos and also take a look at our official playlist.

1. Ron Clark – You have to put Ron in here given that he is the guy truly left behind now. He’s lost one of the people he was the closest to in Eric, and it felt like most of his stability in the game was tied to this family-visit promise that doesn’t actually hold much weight in a game for a million bucks. We’ve never seen this guy scramble, so this is where he will actually be able to show if he’s a good player or someone who was just able to unify an alliance until it didn’t benefit all of them anymore.

2. Rick Devens – Devens made a big, particularly-questionable move to cut off all ties with the former Lesu after they tried to get rid of him again … only to now realize that he ended up flipping to the wrong side of the vote. He’s still close to David Wright on some level, but he needs to figure out just how he wants to move through the game after making such a total misread. He’s so isolated that he’s not a huge threat right now, but he’s put himself in an almost-unwinnable position.

3. Kelley Wentworth – For most of this season, she’s found herself routinely in positions where she doesn’t have much power. However, look at things now — she had the majority of the numbers on this past vote and while you can say that Julia, Gavin, and Victoria could flip any which-way, this still feels like the first time this season she’s really had a measure of power. (Also, consider the idol.) How will she play with that after being the underdog for so long? If there was a blindside against her next, this could be a chance to go at her when she does not expect it.

4. Julia Carter – She seemed to be one of the Kama 6 members who was the most gung-ho about flipping on Ron and getting Eric out of the game. She’s made that move, so where do she, Eric, and Victoria go from here? Given that they are a trio, we could easily see them being a target … and it’s also not clear if Ron and Julie are going to pat them on the head and be like “it’s okay.” They need to really push that social game hard now, especially since we feel like soon they may realize that this resume-building move actually does leave them a little more vulnerable than they previously were.

5. David Wright – David’s done an outstanding job this season of constantly navigating alliances and never quite forcing his hand. It seems like he always knows what to do and when to do it, and he should be in a driver’s seat position again. His best move this time is going to be finding a way to diminish another power group, and we’d argue that now, he needs to find a way to go after Kelley, Lauren, and Wardog. It may seem early, but he knows that these three are great players; plus, there are enough cracks in Kama that it’s not too risky.

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