Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 8: Everything’s up in the air

Edge of Extinction
Entering Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 8, it was pretty clear that there was such more flux within this game than we had ever before realized. All of a sudden, we went from there being a five-person Kama alliance to at least there being people with second thoughts. That’s all you really hope for with a show like this — doubt and a way to stir things up a little bit more.

So, with Eric now gone, the once-powerful Kama alliance is now in shambles and some of the remaining players there are going to have to fight their way forward. While they could pick up the pieces somewhat and try to not split upcoming votes, Aurora’s got an extra vote and there are immunity idols in both Kelley and Lauren’s possession. These people are, at least to us, incredibly screwed.

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One thing that is somewhat interesting now is what happens with the shared immunity idol that David and Rick have, given that they have to used their parts together in order for it to work, even though they’re on completely opposite sides of the numbers. We don’t actually think that the two are destined to play this game apart forever, but they probably need to figure out what they want to do in the reasonably-near future with this so they could actually play it properly in the right situation.

(Is David playing one of the best games right now? We’d make a great argument for it.)

Beyond just what’s going on with David and Rick, it seems like we’re going to have one of the craziest tribal councils we’ve ever seen, judging from the reaction of a lot of people in the jury. Maybe this is where Kelley and Lauren both play their idols and do something big that messes with people’s brains. We’re hoping for something fun, and a real, genuine moment that gets people talking. The Eric blindside might, but we’re not sure he was a notable-enough player this season for anyone to be really missing him moving forward. You could actually say that about several people within that Kama group.

At least moving forward, we can breathe a tad easier knowing that we’re probably not going to get one of those dull, predictable post-merge games where one alliance is just picked off week after week. Those situations just aren’t fun, and the whole nature of Survivor these days requires a little more flexibility than some of what we used to see.

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