Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 7 review: Not all about the family visit!


Tonight, Survivor: Edge of Extinction episode 7 focused on a number of things — but the difference between new players and returnees is fairly far up on the list.

The central situation in which this played out tonight was with David Wright on one side and Rick Devens on the other. David’s a player with an enormously-successful first season on his back; with that, he seemed very receptive about the idea of working with the former Lesu tribe again, even if they just cast some votes for him. However, Rick wasn’t having it. He found himself refusing to go along with it, thinking that they were just going to set him up to be played all over again. We get where Rick’s coming from — he was voted out once and almost voted out again. Yet, he’s also not thinking about the long-term. It’s not so much about Lesu trusting him; instead, it’s more about just how much some of these people need him. Without get, they’re reliant on a correct idol play and that’s never a guarantee.

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Of course, as fascinating as all of this was, we still found ourselves even wondering if we were even going to get a tribal council? There was talk about a medical crisis in the previews, and that unfortunately came to light when Lauren collapsed in the middle of the challenge. The writing was on the wall here for her for a while, given that she’s been struggling with malnourishment for some time.

Here’s where things got really uncomfortable — Aurora and Victoria were told to keep playing in the game while medical was treating to Lauren on the ground. Not only that, but watching Aurora plead for her life and try to strike a deal was incredibly uncomfortable. Survivor should’ve just stopped the challenge. Would that have been so terrible and they could resume once it was clear Lauren was okay? (She is.)

The latest round of vote chaos

Because of Devins’ refusal to join Lesu, we were basically entering a 7-5 vote situation at Tribal Council. (Or, at best, 7-6 since Aurora has an extra vote gifted to her from Aubry at Extinction.) That meant, effectively, that the future of the game was going to be depending on someone else flipping! We gotta give some credit to Wardog here, who managed to plant an exceptional seed in Julia and Gavin’s heads that Ron and Eric may be using David and Rick in order to take some of them out later. We don’t actually think this is true, just as we think that Eric has a logical reason to want to keep them — it’s more numbers right now!

But, it did actually work and with that, Julia and Gavin entered Tribal Council interested in perhaps making a move … though both Kelley and Lauren also had their immunity idols at the ready.

The final vote

First of all, isn’t it almost cult-like how much Eric and Ron bring up the Kama group making it to the loved-ones visit? That’s been their way that much of this season has gone so far for them, and we’re getting a good sense as to why production hasn’t shown a lot of them for much of the season.

We know that Ron, Eric, Kelley, and Lauren were all possible targets entering the vote tonight, but it was hard to really identify exactly where things were going to fall. Kelley and Lauren kept their idols, which was super-risky yet again. But, with the Kama group splitting their vote, they didn’t need all that much.

Here’s the funny thing — Eric talked so much about the loved ones’ visit and, in the aftermath of that, he’s the one missing out on it. He was the one voted out at the tail end of all of this.

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