Chicago PD season 6 episode 19 video: Is Burgess’ boyfriend Blair dead?

Kim BurgessThe obviously-crummy news going into Chicago PD season 6 episode 19 is having to wait a long time for it — all the way until Wednesday, April 24, in fact. The other crummy news is what you’re waiting for: Burgess to lose another person from her life.

So, who is it? This time around, it’s none other than her recent boyfriend Blaire, someone who was seemingly just trying to find his way in the city of Chicago and wasn’t going to be around forever. He seemed like a good guy, someone who was kind, caring, and enjoyed every second that he had with her. That’s what makes his death all the more shocking — or it does at first.

Why are so few people in this world exactly what they seem? That’s a question that she may find herself asking within this episode once she realizes that Blair is not the same mild-mannered person that she thought he was. After Blair is murdered within this episode (the promo gives it away, so we hardly are spoiling much here), some evidence begins to surface that maybe Blair is not who Burgess thought — maybe he was living a double life and had another part of himself that he kept buried underneath the surface. We imagine that if this is really the case, it’s not going to be the easiest thing in the world for her to stomach. If you’re a cop, you probably pride yourself on thinking that you have a good read on everyone. Burgess likely thought she knew Blair as he joked with her and discovered things like odd Chicago sandwiches for the first time.

For those of you who’ve been a part of our “give Burgess a big story” army as of late, this episode is going to turn those wishes into reality. Granted, we hardly felt when we were asking this questions that this was the direction we were heading in. This is the sort of shocking stuff that’s all but impossible to predict, though for Chicago PD, someone dying really should be one of the most predictable outcomes. It’s ingrained in this city’s life.

No matter if Blair was what he said he was or not, odds are Burgess is going to be devastated. She’s going to need the support of those close to her, which is why we’d love to see some more great stuff with her and Atwater, or to get potentially her and Ruzek back into the same orbit once more. Even if they aren’t together romantically, it would still be nice for the two to have a little bit more screen time together than they’ve had as of late.

All in all, Chicago PD season 6 episode 19 is one to remember, and also one to have some concern about, especially from the Burgess end, for some time moving through the rest of this hiatus.

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