‘Gossip Girl’ premiere spoilers: Exec talks what’s next for Chuck, Nate, Serena

In just three short days, the season premiere of “Gossip Girl” will be upon us; and as we near the time in which the curtain drops on one of The CW’s signature shows, we are going to see the writers set up some stories that will end up leading to the series’ ultimate endgame.

What’s one of these very stories? Learning the identity of the woman who has ruined these Upper East Side residents’ good time for many years now. As executive producer Stephanie Savage explains in the video below, Nate is going to be getting closer than ever in the premiere to actually managing to figure this out. However, the question is not just if well uncover the secret, but once he does, what he plans on doing with the information.

As for some of the other stories, Savage talks about the disappearance of Serena from the eyes of Gossip Girl and all of her friends, and how this leads everyone to start to worry about her health and safety. Meanwhile, we also have a promise that we are going to be seeing plenty more of Chuck’s father in this coming season; and while we know that he is going to have plenty to do courtesy of his relationship with Blair, it will not be the only thing weighing heavily on his mind.

The good news here is that by the end of Monday’s premiere, some of the questions raised above will be either answered, or it will at least be a little bit more clear that we are getting closer to a big reveal coming up soon.

Do you think that Nate is going to put all of the pieces together this season? If you want to see a sneak peek featuring him and Blair from the premiere, be sure to head on over to the link here.

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