Britain’s Got Talent review: Faith Tucker, Elizabeth, Vardanyan Brothers

Tonight, the Britain’s Got Talent premiere has officially arrived on ITV! Throughout this episode, we’re looking forward to discussing the latest and greatest asks from around the country — including some Golden Buzzers!

In this review, we’re going to be bringing you reviews from ALL the acts … and we hope you refresh the page live for more of our takes throughout. We imagine that there are going to be some funny moments throughout, and maybe a few who actually move us at the same time.

The Queen Roast Comic – This was such an odd way in which to start the show, but we do appreciate the show making fun of itself. Can you imagine this version of the Queen meeting the actual Queen? This was funny, but we don’t know if you can really do this more than once.

Fabulous Sisters – The Queen act was a bit of a gimmick. This was the first act of proper talent that we’ve seen — these women from Japan made total use of the stage with an intense and expressive performance. The choreography was dramatic and powerful — really in contrast to some of their personality, as they were rather sweet and demure.

The Covi – Basically, the sort of act that only Britain’s Got Talent would love. We don’t know how else to describe a group of people who use their crotches as their primary musical instrument.

Jimmy Tamley – We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t love this sort of ventriloquism — we just don’t love the masks and we don’t really love having to torment people with those ugly masks. Yet, we’re not going to deny that Jimmy controlling David into stripping in front of Simon was ridiculously entertaining.

Faith Tucker – This is a classic case of BGT bait-and-switch. Due to her audition package all about her wanting to be like Beyoncé, you never would’ve thought that she was an opera singer. She’s mature beyond her age, incredibly talented, and we think that she can do so much more than we saw here. Our objective for her next is to deliver something big, powerful, and emotional — basically, something different than we’ve seen before.

Ron the singing Dalek – Let’s make it clear — if we had a Dalek costume this cool, the last thing we’d do is go on Britain’s Got Talent.

Elizabeth – This was genuinely the scariest ghost-story related act we’ve seen on this show. We think that she freaked out Amanda Holden so much that we didn’t think that she’d even give her a yes, given the whole making a ghost appear out of nowhere. In a lot of ways, the magic in here wasn’t that complicated, but the presentation was top-notch.

Siobhan Williams – She’s a mother in her early forties who wrote herself a comedic little ditty about her frustrations with having a kid. We’ve seen this sort of humor before, but we think the appeal is that so many parents are afraid to tell jokes about their kids … even though it’s relatable.

Flakefleet Primary School Choir – We’re not going to see these kids were altogether great — some of them were really just “enthusiastic,” to use the word from the director. The real humor here came via all of the costumes and the fact that something weird seemed to be going on at all times. Was there someone dancing in the garbage can at one point? They got the Golden Buzzer from one David Walliams, and you can read a little bit more about them over at the link here.

Vardanyan Brothers – These two came out on stage determined to show of some crazy feats of strength and delivered. In between the head-balancing and some of the stretching, this was as genuine and proper a circus act as you’re going to find … and that’s before we got to the part with the swords. It wasn’t perfect the first time, but it was amazing the second time.

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