The Blacklist season 6 episode 15 review: Who is the Third Estate?

BlacklistTonight, The Blacklist season 6 episode 15 wasted almost no time at all introducing us to their latest enemy. This time around, we were introduced to Olivia Olsen — one of the most persuasive Blacklisters in history. She’s able to orchestrate hostile takeovers like no one else, and she holds a position that Raymond Reddington wants to do away with. What’s the reason for that? Well, it’s so simple as that Reddington wants to overtake her position himself. That’s why he looped in the Task Force at the start of this episode.

Of course, as with all things The Blacklist, there had to be some skin in the game — and there was, given that Anna McMahon has some ties to Olivia Olson. In taking down Olson, there’s a chance that the Task Force may be able to start to uncover the truth about McMahon and the larger conspiracy that stems all the way to the White House.

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The Task Force went to work in an attempt to try and take down Olivia, but of course, they were all unaware that Reddington was going to have a conversation with Olson personally — and in turn, discuss McMahon openly with her. He wanted to get Anna riled up so that he could unsettle things. It was another way in which to expose some vulnerabilities — which we know that he loves since it gives him some of that necessary room in order to operate and stir the pot a little bit.

On the other side of all of this, Olson still had a contract to deliver and because of that, we saw Liz and Ressler arrive to try and stop Olivia from conducting one of her “takeover” missions.

Aram makes his move

Early on in the episode, he chose to secretly withdraw $60 million from Reddington’s account in Luxembourg. Think of this as his way to get a little bit of leverage over him. He isn’t trying to just get a certain element of revenge; instead, what he is out for is to ensure that he can find Samar once and for all. He told Reddington that this was the only in which he would get his money back.

As it turns out, Aram got so far as to get on Reddington’s private jet, which is where he then guilted and manipulated him into going back and being a part of the Task Force again. He made it clear to him that the FBI needed his help; beyond just that, if he left, he would never be able to talk to any of his friends again and one slip-up could lead to Samar being killed.

It was while on this jet that Aram was able to hand down the necessary information to Liz and Ressler in order to help figure out what was going on in Olivia’s operation. He got the two where they needed to be, but they still had a lot of work in trying to help a dangerous mission.

While Ressler and Liz came close to bringing down Olson (to no avail — they did find her hard drives), Aram and Reddington had their final heart to heart, one about acceptance. Raymond tried to convince Aram that while he wants to be with Samar, getting back to being with her may not actually be the best thing for her. It would only add to the burden that she feels. She didn’t make this decision willingly, and she did it knowing it was going to be one of the most painful things possible.

Aram did go back to the Task Force at the end of the episode, but the irony is that he now knows Reddington a significant chunk of money in interest over the time in which he held his money hostage.

Who is the Third Estate?

As it turns out, they are a group who was pressured by Olson in order to make sure that McMahon was able to operate her conspiracy. That’s one of the most important things to take away from this mission — it’s something that Cooper can look into now moving forward.

Will Ressler let Reddington’s identity go?

Liz really wants him to, since she’s okay with it and really, she is the person who should be the most upset about him being an imposter. Here is the problem: He still doesn’t seem cool with it.

CarterMatt Verdict

We knew that “Olivia Olson” would be hugely important from the standpoint of bringing Aram back into the fold, but then also to pick up on some loose threads when it comes to Anna McMahon.

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