Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 20 review: Will Owen take Megan’s advice?

Grey’s Anatomy 
season 15 episode 20 was in a lot of ways about looking for solutions, but not necessarily finding them. It may also be about us feeling in a big way for some of these doctors in the midst of them trying to search for some additional answers.

For Dr. Owen Hunt, he action has to be force-fed some from his sister Megan after she arrived in Seattle to work with a patient. She learned a lot about her brother in a short span of time, including that Teddy was pregnant, but that the two were not together — even though she knew how badly Teddy loved him and how she would have wanted nothing more than to be with him. It just wasn’t in the cards and instead, she went ahead and continued to pursue a relationship with Tom instead. He was even helping her look for a place, one where she can raise her baby and feel like she’s not just in some hotel that doesn’t feel like much of a home.

Owen, meanwhile, received some very specific advice: It’s time to receive help. Apparently, Megan Hunt has the ability to read our mind and pass along what we’ve been shouting at Owen for the better part of the past several weeks. Why hasn’t this guy gone ahead and done something like this? Why isn’t he out to try to make his relationship and himself better? We don’t know if it’s his doctor-ego or what, but he has problems. We like Owen a lot, but he also self-sabotages so much that he hurts a lot of people. It’s not going to change until he does.

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Can Alex help Jo?

We know through most of the episode tonight that he wanted to. She wasn’t working, and really seemed to have no interest in getting out of bed and do anything other than just hit the bottle. There wasn’t anything that could be said to convince her to think or act differently. This is why Alex tried to call in Link, who knew her longer and could maybe get through to her on a low-pressure friend level. He tried, and after bringing her food and hanging out, he at least got to the point where she started talking about both she and her biological mother both “run” … but she stopped before she could say the truth about her father, and that was it.

This is where the wall comes up, and this is why Link told Alex that he’s never seen her in this sort of position before — and he has seen her in some really rough times. He doesn’t know how to help her and that’s a hard thing to deal with.

Other odds and ends

For DeLuca tonight, he put his all into working alongside Richard Webber on an operation — he wanted to make a good impression so that he could continue to advance his way forward into general surgery, but he also thought in some way it was an audition given that he was Meredith’s primary father figure. Ironically, Meredith now is one of the people who could help to determine Andrew’s medical figure … which is probably why this relationship is so complicated.

For Dr. Bailey, tonight she brought us one of the funnier stories in a while after she was forced to tour around the hospital with some young students looking to get a better sense of STEM education. She tried to pawn it off, and when that didn’t happened they ended up hearing about all sorts of uncomfortable stuff, including some various odds/ends on Amelia’s sex life and also Bailey having to raise her voice.

CarterMatt Verdict

Was this the most impactful episode of the season? Probably not, mostly because we probably could’ve told Owen what he needed to hear in about two minutes and other than Alex, Jo, and Link, there was a lot of fluff in here — not that we don’t mind fun stuff for Meredith and DeLuca. We are still waiting, though, for that big Jackson episode, or to see where things are really going to be going heading into the finale. Everything’s quiet on that front at present.

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