Chicago PD season 6 episode 18 review: A gang war and sad truths

Chicago Pd season 5 teaserTonight, Chicago PD found itself in a somewhat-unexpected place: A crisis that actually led to Ray Price and Kelton actually working together. Or, at least that was the way in which it seemed at first.

Ultimately, though, what this case became about was who flinched first in the battle in order to resolve a gang crisis. We believe that everyone involved did want to stop the killings between a couple of local city gangs. Yet, in the midst of everything, we saw Kelton flinch first and make this about politics. His efforts to claim a victory in the midst of the investigation made it harder on Voight, and put him in a precarious position where he had to rely on the gangs themselves to put a stop to this crisis. That’s not the easiest position in the world to be in if you’re a cop, but we saw Voight both wax poetic and give us a dark sense of realism within this episode.

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In Voight’s mind, gang wars are never going to end. They’re a part of the ongoing struggle in a contentious city. We don’t know how much we are meant to even take away from what we saw with the case tonight other than the prophecies about stopping gang violence are mostly true — the bad people aren’t often put away and it’s so hard to find peace when the people at war never really get the sense that anyone cares.

Voight does care; he’s just also one man, beaten down and washed out by the system.

Perhaps the even larger message you’re meant to think about at the moment here is one of Kelton as the Big Bad of this season — while Price has show himself to be a rather flawed individual, at the same time he also does care for communities. He, like Voight, has traveled on these streets. He’s seen what gang violence does to people. We don’t want to create any bold predictions for the future of the election, but Price would certainly be the more compelling winner of the two right now. He and Voight would absolutely be at odds sometimes amidst individual cases, but at least Hank would know the man in office cared about more than just his reputation / how many news vans were outside of the home of a deceased person.

CarterMatt Verdict

We had another side story tonight with Burgess and her relationship with Blaire, but we’re still not 100% sure on how long this is going to last. It’s hard when you know that the guy’s only sticking around for a limited period of time. We will say this about it: It is nice to get an outsider’s view of Chicago, or at least the Chicago as presented by the producers.

As for the gang storyline, we think it did an effective job at illuminating the sort of impossible-to-win dynamic that exists within the world of gang wars sometimes; you want to be optimistic that things can turn around, but it may take more than a day or month for it to happen.

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