Saturday Night Live video: Leslie Jones, Kit Harington, & a walk of shame

SNLThis weekend’s new episode of Saturday Night Live is being hosted by Kit Harington, and to us, the most shocking thing about it may be Kit’s haircut. We’ve gotten so used to seeing him with the dark, lengthy locks of Jon Snow — he’s almost a different person without them! Yet, we’re pleased to say that all of the Harington charm is here in this promo, which turns out to be absolutely insane thanks to the performance from one Leslie Jones.

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As it turns out, Leslie is meeting Kit this week with an agenda: Trying to use him in order to live out all of her Game of Thrones related fantasies, sporting some costumes and effects that are a little more low-budget (to say the least) than what you see on the HBO show. Kit tries to take some of it in stride (at least at first with the oven mitts), but we have a feeling that this changes the moment that she decides to reenact the famous Walk of Punishment scene with him — Kit is clearly playing Cersei here, with the big difference being 1) he gets to keep his clothes on and 2) people are throwing donuts at him. For the record, if someone is going to be throwing something at us, donuts would be pretty far up the list of things we would want. They’re easily-catchable and you can pop a few in your mouth along the way.

By the time you get around to Leslie force-feeding Kit a donut at the end, you’re probably already rolling on the floor. If the writers continue to have concepts on this level, we know we’re going to be in for a great episode! We don’t expect all of the sketches to be Game of Thrones spoofs, but we really do hope that we’re going to see him show off some of his sillier side. Jon Snow’s just such a dark character who seems to go through hell almost every single second of his life, it’d be nice to actually see Harington crack a smile and goof off a little bit. Even though Tyrion has his fair of lighthearted moments, it was still fun to see him let loose on his episode — especially Space Pants. Fun fact: Basically anytime we even though about Kit’s episode of SNL, this is the sketch that almost immediately comes to mind. It’s also an earworm that will haunt you forever.

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