This Is Us season 3 finale: Are Kate, Toby divorced in the future?

This Is Us season 2Obviously coming out of the This Is Us season 3 finale on Tuesday night, there are going to be many different questions that people have. The status of Kate and Toby is just one of them.

Are the two of them divorced? That’s one possible concern for their future, given that Toby is not wearing a wedding ring in the flash-forwards, and nor does he arrive to Kevin’s place with either Kate or his son Jack. There is another read on the situation, as well — one that suggests that maybe Kate is dead and that Jack is with someone else at the time in which Toby shows up. Maybe it’s another sibling, or maybe it’s someone new in Toby’s life. He’s not remarried (hence the lack of a ring), so that is not the issue.

Speaking via The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Dan Fogelman was of course very much coy when it comes to spelling out future plans — but clearly, he meant o have questions out there as to the future of this couple:

“I think there’s clearly a couple of reads of that final moment. I think the big positive read is the reference to Jack, that our baby who’s heading home at the end of the episode, who’s had a very scary birth and early delivery, has made it. So, people can relax that we’re not gonna be masochists and do something like that. So, in terms of the Kate-Toby dynamic, yeah, once again we have jumped into a different part of the family videos and been surprised at the people who are together, aren’t together, aren’t there. Has something happened? Has something happened in the relationship? Those are all questions we’ll solve moving forward. Like I said, we’re just in the middle right now.”

Judging from other bits and pieces from the flash-forward, we know that Kevin is still alive even though we don’t physically see him in the future — he also has a son of his own! Meanwhile, Nicky has apparently grown close enough to Rebecca to be sitting at what could be her deathbed and Miguel’s status remains very much MIA. At the moment, we’d say that it’s his role in the future that we’re the most concerned about — it’s possible that he dies, as well, which means that Rebecca ends up being a widow twice over the course of her life. Maybe she forms a relationship with Jack’s brother on the other side of that, or maybe they end up becoming something more, companions for each other as we near the end of their lives.

With the presence of Nicky in mind, one thing does feel clear: This character does still have a story to tell, and his appearances throughout “Songbird Road” are not meant to be the only time he is of significance to this story.

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