The Good Doctor season 3 spotlight: The future for Dr. Glassman

Dr. GlassmanAs we get closer to The Good Doctor season 3, what should the future be for Dr. Aaron Glassman? It’s certainly a question on our mind at the moment, and it’s the foundation for the latest spotlight article we’ve got for you today!

Entering season 3, Glassman is in a position that probably feels quite rare for him: Optimistic about his future. At the end of season 1, he looked at death square in the face following his cancer diagnosis, and it was really up to Shaun and the remainder of the St. Bonaventure medical staff to get him through it. Throughout most of season 3 there were still roadblocks, landmines, and setbacks. He started seeing illusions of his daughter, he wasn’t eager to undergo some of his treatments, and when it seemed like the cancer came back, we legitimately felt like that was it for Richard Schiff on the show and he was actually going to be good.

Yet, he’s not gone. The cancer scare was a misdiagnosis the second time around and as we approach season 3, “Glassy” is engaged! He’s got a consistent love in his life, many wonderful friends including Shaun Murphy, and also a chance to revisit being a doctor again in some capacity.

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So what would we like to see in particular? Check out some of our suggestions below…

1. Explore his personal life further – Now that Glassman is engaged, what does that look like? Are we going to have a chance to see him out on some dates or planning a wedding? A lot of that could depend on the length of the time jump and whether or not we miss the wedding in there. We just absolutely want to see it! Seeing Glassman’s wedding feels like the perfect story for a midseason finale; if you really want to rush it, you can do it in the premiere, but speeding things along so fast that we don’t experience the ins and outs would be a shame.

2. What does the engagement mean for his relationship with Shaun? – Dr. Murphy is not always the biggest fan of change, and for a part of season 2, he adapted to be a strong source of emotional support for Aaron. Is there going to be jealousy on his part now that Dr. Glassman has a new fiancé, and if there is, how is Dr. Glassman going to handle that? It may be frustrating, but he understands where Shaun is coming from emotionally more than most.

3. See even more of his past – We’d love a big flashback episode, one where we can experience a great deal of his past and understand more the decisions that drove him to be a doctor. We think that he’s got so much untapped life experience on this show, and that leads to being able to do things with him that you can’t do with anyone else.

4. Explore him back around the hospital – If there’s a way for Dr. Glassman to get back to his job and a routine, we want to see what that looks like! Does what he went through in some way shift how he practices or how he deals with some of his patients?

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Season 3 of The Good Doctor will hopefully premiere on ABC this fall. Stay tuned…

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