The Good Doctor season 3 spotlight: The future for Shaun Murphy

Good Doctor season 2 episode 4As we approach The Good Doctor season 3 premiering on ABC (presumably) this fall, we’re going to be taking the spotlight approach to some of these characters! Over the coming weeks, our goal is to focus in on a familiar face and present a series of suggestions for them moving into the new season — we want the best from these people, or at least an opportunity to see them become the best. That may mean falling down a few times and dusting themselves off. This show has such a rich tapestry of characters that we imagine we’ll have quite a bit to discuss over the next several weeks ahead.

Given that Freddie Highmore’s Dr. Shaun Murphy is the title character and a very good doctor, indeed (especially now that he’s got a job), why not start with him and present some of the variables important to his future? We have some ideas below for the future of his story, and if you missed it, we also have a video at the bottom of this article exploring some possible plots for season 3! On the other side of watching it, remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and also take a look at our The Good Doctor playlist for even more scoop!

1. Explore dating – At the end of season 2, Shaun asked Carly out in one of the episode’s most-touching moments — and soon after that, followed it up by hilariously not even giving her the chocolates and flowers he brought for her. He was so captivated by the “yes” that he didn’t think all of it through! Shaun’s someone who wants nothing more than to be normal and be accepted for his skills and his passions; unfortunately, because of his setbacks, he hasn’t had an opportunity to engage in things most people his age have. Dating is one of them. We want to witness the highs and lows of this new relationship, even if it doesn’t last long.

One of the always-important things to remember with Shaun is that his imperfections only make him more real. It will be foolish to assume that he’ll have a mistake-free date, just as it’s foolish to assume that he will do and say the “right thing” for every patient. To love Shaun is to understand Shaun and if Carly’s meant for him, she needs to be committed to his journey. This is something that Shaun himself also needs to realize as he dives into this risky new endeavor in his life.

2. Is Shaun different as a doctor? – We’ve just seen him be so intent on being a surgeon that he was willing to lose his job altogether in order to make it happen. You gotta give that determination a round of applause, and now that he actually has the job back, it’s fair to question what he’s learned. Will he be different on the job, more hesitant, or less willing to communicate with patients? Or, will Dr. Lim as the new chief encourage him to be even more daring and upfront with his approach to care? Shaun has to form a plan and then stick to it, understanding still that being exceptional in one part of his job does not make him a model of perfection in others.

3. More Lea, more Glassy! – Depending on where things go with Carly, these relationships build the foundation to Shaun’s life. Without these bricks, the home that he’s built for himself could fall apart with just one blow from a metaphorical Big Bad Wolf. Dr. Glassman and Lea can’t be left behind as he throws himself more into medicine and a possible new relationship; Shaun has to determine if he wants his dating life to change the person he is, since that does happen for some people. As Dr. Glassman enters a new era, as well, as an engaged man, Shaun may also have to come to terms that someone else is going to be there for Aaron and he also may not be available to him as he once was. This may mean more transition.

4. Are things different between Shaun and Dr. Andrews? – They’ve had a contentious past, but at this point, Shaun should recognize that Dr. Andrews is one of the reasons why he even has a job now. We’d like to see this relationship blossom, or even see Shaun fight for Dr. Andrews since he is the one facing the chopping block now for the revolving-door effect he brought about bringing on board and getting rid of Dr. Han.

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