911 season 2: Did Chimney survive another near-death crisis?

ChimneyTonight, 911 season 2 episode 13 took on a wide array of material, but we still think that there was one question that matters more than any other — did Chimney survive? Was he actually going to be okay … again? We’ve said this before, but we really hope that the show isn’t just out to make almost killing this guy an annual tradition; we’re not 100% sure that our heart can even take it.

Well, here’s the good news this time around — Chimney is still alive! Somehow, he managed to find a way to survive, but it’s not like he’s facing some easy recovery. This is what happens when you get a punctured lung! He’ll probably make it through, but you have to hope that the writers stick to some element of realism here. This is not the sort of injury where you can just do a cartwheel on the other side of and proclaim that you’re okay. You need time, a good bit of effort, and also some physical and emotional support.

When it comes to the latter, we know that Chimney’s got plenty from the rest of the cast — his colleagues are basically his family! They’ll be there for him, and we just have to hope that he can also be there for Maddie. While Doug nearly killed him, you can’t just ignore some of the horrible stuff that Doug is doing to her.

So how was Maddie on the other side of this episode? Through the closing part of it she did everything within her power in order to take on her abusive ex, including fighting back and defending herself at every turn. It was a powerful performance from Jennifer Love Hewitt as she played this character as a woman with a lot to fight for, someone who was willing to do everything in her power to breathe easier and feel safe at the end. With Doug dead at the episode’s end, she now has an opportunity to do just that — take some steps forward and try to move on with her life.

In speaking more about her experiences within this episode, and working alongside her real-life husband Brian Hallisay, here is what Hewitt had to say in an interview with TVLine:

it was super intense. But yes, the trust factor was a game changer. Had [Doug been played by] a stranger I met in hair and makeup for five seconds, that would have changed it. I still would have given it my all, but it would have been different. Our trust allowed him to be as bad as he could be. Both of us were able to be there for each other in that way, and to get really raw and ugly. We could be all those things we needed to be in the moment, because we knew that things would be OK later.

So everyone will have a chance to move forward following this episode … but that doesn’t mean that the Doug storyline will be forgotten. More than likely, it will be a central component for some time still.

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