The Resident season 2 episode 19 review: An awkward last wish

The ResidentThe Resident season 2 episode 19 certainly took a surprising turn with one of its story-of-the-week plots, didn’t it?

The moment that we heard tonight about a woman desperate to reunite with a former love before she died, we anticipated that this would be something wonderful, sweet, and romantic. Nic was so convinced that she wanted to see this man that she fought for Dr. Bell to do a risky surgery — even though she had a DNR order. He did it, and she lived long enough for tell the guy three words that she’d waited for so long to pass through her lips: “Go to hell.” Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Kudos to The Resident for finding a unique twist to a story that we’ve seen more or less done on about a billion other shows. We don’t know if the patient’s going to actually die, but now that she’s done this, she’s found herself some peace.

Also, cheers to them for finding a way to actually use this storyline to bring Conrad and Nic closer together, even with its ironic ending. Nic still realized that regardless of whatever tension existed between the two at the hospital, she didn’t want to leave anything left unsaid between her and Conrad. They told each other “I love you” — this doesn’t wash away their oceans of problems, but it’s a welcome start in a positive direction.

The show’s dark sense of humor was not exactly gone from some of the other storylines we saw tonight — take, for example, the Raptor enduring a blizzard only to make it to the hospital and realize that Mina already did the surgery that he was supposed needed for. Yet, he wasn’t even that mad about it after the fact! Here’s a bit of advice: Find someone who cheers for you kind of like AJ cheers for Mina. We think that if she starts to take all of his patients, there could be some jealousy issues there, but we’re far from getting to that point just yet.

On a much more wholesome side, did anyone else enjoy Dr. Bell being a temporary babysitter in this episode? For as awful as he can sometimes be, you see these moments of clarity from him and it makes you realize even more that he has a big heart somewhere underneath the cynicism. Also, we’re still rooting for him and Kit, who took over some of the kid-watching duties as he went into surgery on Nic’s patient.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, The Resident was in a lot of ways about facing death, whether you are talking about Devon’s task in the episode (which was really underdeveloped) or what Nic did to save a life, thinking that it was going to lead to a big, syrupy sweet moment. This episode was also indicative of much of what this show does lest — looking at common medical-show tropes before pointing and laughing at them. It doesn’t want to be the same show that you’re seeing everyone else and instead, it just wants to balance out the serious stuff with a little bit of romance and guilty fun.

If it can continue this elemental juggling act, maybe this show has many more seasons left in the can — not just the season 3 that’s already been ordered by Fox.

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