Chicago Fire season 7 episode 18 video: Is Cruz getting an award?

Chicago fireIf you think back to the recent Chicago FireChicago PD crossover event, then you are going to be very aware of the undercover actions of one Joe Cruz. He was able to do everything within his power to help Halstead and Chicago PD find a missing lockbox key, which was connected to a string of robberies and one rogue firefighter in particular. It was a tough thing for Joe to take on — he’s no cop, and a big reason for his likability is his earnestness and the constant vibe of “what you see is what you get.”

Well, in the sneak peek that CarterMatt has for you below (for Wednesday’s episode) you learn that some of the fine folks over at the police department are looking to potentially give Cruz a special commendation! That’s coming from Boden, who has heard it through the grapevine and Joe is understandably thrilled. Obviously firefighters get recognized here and there for their bravery, but we’d describe the relationship between cops and firefighters mostly as a friendly rivalry. They don’t really spend all that much time giving each other pats on the back, but respect what each other does. So for Cruz, this is a pretty big deal and he wants to tell everyone about it … though doing that is probably not the best idea since it’s not official. He does tell Brett, and her reaction is more or less precisely what you’d expect it to be. She’s incredibly happy for him, and promises to keep the information on the down-low.

If you didn’t see our One Chicago crossover video discussion – Check that out at the bottom of this article! It’s a nice refresher for everything as we get closer to the big event airing. On the other side of watching this, we suggest that you subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more news, and remember to check out our full One Chicago playlist so you don’t miss any other updates.

While all of this should make Cruz want to strut a little taller around Firehouse 51, who wants to bet that things don’t go entirely as planned? There’s something about this show where the best-laid plans almost always go to waste and we wouldn’t be surprised if this information spreads around like Chicago Fire telephone only for it to not be true. Then, Cruz mentions it to Halstead or someone else down the line and ends up getting some egg on his face. We wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of comedic scene for Jesse Lee Soffer, given just how rarely that tends to come about for him on any of these shows. For Joe Minoso, it’s a little bit the opposite where super-dramatic scenes are hard to come by.

We’ll see what happens with Cruz throughout Wednesday’s episode, but there’s not going to be all that much of an opportunity to pat himself on the back when there are some other emergencies that need to be dealt with — there’s never a dull moment on any of these shows, and there really can’t be since they would otherwise be titled Chicago Watch Everyone Sit Around and Eat Chili.

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