Bosch season 5 episode finale review: Tying up the loose ends

We are at the end of the road for Bosch season 5 and what a ride it’s been! We already know that there is a season 6 in the works (the renewal announcement has long been out there) so we are kind of hoping for a juicy cliffhanger by the end of this episode. There’s always a little spillage from one season to another, but most of the bigger threads are tied up and lets us get ready for a brand new case – this time with that season 6 renewal they can really play with that a lot more and we hope they will.

Maddie and Bosch

After what Maddie did (taking that memo from Tom’s desk and sending it to Honey), she knows that there could be some serious trouble coming for her depending on what Tom decides to do with this information. She’s finally told her dad what she did and that she doesn’t regret it, but she feels the need to flee and is trying to get back to school early after putting in her resignation with the DA’s office. Even though she’s leaving Bosch for now and asking for some space it’s nice to see that their relationship is not as contentious as it has been since he came back from his undercover mission. They parted with a hug, an”I love you” and a plan to try to see each other at Thanksgiving.

Later Tom shows up to talk to Bosch telling him that he was on the wrong side of the Preston case and that he doesn’t feel as bad as he thinks he should over what Maddie did. Instead, he wants to try to reconcile things with her and Bosch encourages him to call her. We never see if he does or not, but we like to imagine a happy ending for them. They were a fun romance to watch unfold.

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The Irving confrontation

Irving may have destroyed the original “before” photo taken at Preston’s apartment, but what he didn’t know was that copies of everything (including that photo) are taken and stored elsewhere, so when Bosch meets up with him he produces that photo for Irving. Bosch is really mad that he almost went down for planting evidence when it’s something he would never do and he wants the truth. So did Irving going come clean to Bosch about planting the pendant in Preston’s apartment? Nope. Instead he walks over to the shredder with the photo and shreds it right in front of Bosch. Knowing that Irving will bend the law when he needs to makes us even more nervous now that he’s decided to run for Mayor.

The Colin wrap up that we didn’t need

Originally Colin was ready to skip town and start anew in Canada, but for some reason his anger at Bosch was enough to drive him and two of his crew to stay back and sneak onto Bosch’s property in hopes of killing him. His new dog alerts Bosch to the intruders and we have a really intense shootout through Bosch’s gorgeous Hollywood Hills home as he takes out Colin and his men ending that saga once and for all. Did we really need an end to this? Not really. If Colin had just gone off to Canada we would’ve never though twice about him, and it was actually a bit weird that Colin came back for revenge after all of this talk of “live to fight another day” when it came to his drug business. Why not just head up North and start again? Was killing Bosch really necessary for Colin to move on? As cool as it was to see the shoot out (and it really was done exceptionally well!), it wasn’t necessary to tie up this storyline any further then it already was.

CarterMatt Verdict

To say that there was a lot going on in Bosch season 5 would be an understatement – they really packed it with stories and every character that we love had something to do. Normally Bosch will give us one major over arching story with a few smaller ones scattered in, but this time around Bosch and Jerry both had separate, but equally compelling stories along with the drug case that had them working together (we love a good Bosch and Jerry case!). Seeing Bosch undercover was a lot of fun and something we didn’t know we needed until we saw it unfolding and now we don’t know how we ever lived without it. We know that a season 6 is already greenlit, but the wait for that is going to be agonizing after such a fun ride this season.

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