Bosch season 5 episode 9 review: Bosch has his day in court

BoschBosch is back home and while everyone is relieved that he’s okay and is ready to get working with him on all of the hanging threads they need to tie up, Maddie is beyond pissed off with him and is avoiding him at every turn. We know that eventually they are going to have to talk, but it feels like Bosch is going to need to put some work in here to fix this. He never intended for the undercover mission to go this way and Maddie does understand that things happen in police work, but none of that changes how she feels after already losing one parent. He’s all she has.

Bosch readies for court

Honey and Bosch have found Spencer, the missing piece that they need to get this whole Omers DNA planting issue under some kind of control. We know that Cronyn is the one who collected the DNA, and that Spencer is the one that planted it, but they need him to testify. When they confront him they plead a good case to him saying that the Cronyn’s used him as a patsy and that they will hang him out to dry when the time comes (and it’s coming soon) but that they will protect him since it’s not Spencer they are after anyway.

While that part seems to be going well, Honey does have some bad news for Bosch and it has to do with Christina and her plot to ruin his life. After this Preston case is put to bed, she wants an investigation opened up into police corruption – specifically on Bosch and shares that she found out through a source who leaked a memo to her. Christina blames him for her promotion not going through and he tells Honey that even though she asked him to put in a good word for her he stepped aside because he felt he was too personally involved to do something like that. it was the right thing to do, but Christina can’t help but blame him for sabotaging her career and now wants to do the same to him. Our real question is this: If so many people already know that they were romantically involved then why is anyone taking this request seriously? We’ve long had a hard time believing that she was even allowed to stay on the Preston case at all after that reveal as it is a complete conflict of interest and people at her work do know!

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Preston in court

With Bosch in court over this Preston mess Maddie has put her angry feelings aside to be at the courthouse with her dad (but later reveals that she needs time away from him and is going back to school early). Is Spencer going to show up and do the right thing? He did show up but before we get to that point, Honey has her work cut out for her to get the judge to grant her the hearing that she needs to prove that Preston is in cahoots with his lawyer to get the city of Los Angeles to pay out for wrongful imprisonment and therefore ruining Bosch’s reputation and career. Honey reveals that she has sworn testimony from Sanchez about how Cronyn got the handkerchief with Omers DNA on it as well as evidence on how it was placed into evidence in the first place. She also reveals that she plans to call Christina to the stand to testify on her romantic past with Bosch and how that’s interfering with this entire case as well as Rita’s marriage to Preston who is sitting right in front of the judge doing dictation. Once Honey reveals that Spencer is there and ready to testify Preston loses his mind and starts shouting at Cronyn revealing everything to the judge.

Bosch and Honey have a big win with Preston staying in jail, Cornyn going to jail and a public apology in the L.A. Times retracting everything they said about him. They got really lucky too because Spencer was only there to plead the fifth!

Trouble in paradise

If you were enjoying this blossoming relationship of Maddie and Tom it’s really taken kind of a lousy turn. After Maddie just walked out and left him high and dry at a party where she was meeting his parents things have been a bit awkward. The fact that she’s the one that took a picture of that memo pertaining to her father off of Tom’s desk and sent it to Honey is something that is going to come back to bite her… and it does. Tom is pretty upset that she betrayed him, and she’s not exactly feeling great about getting caught, but it helped to save her dad and that’s really what matters.

Jerry’s realization

He’s still trying to get to the bottom of what happened to Gary and after talking to someone he thinks is involved they are able to turn him towards someone else involved named Avril. When Jerry finds Avril he sees him sitting with the two cops he turned Gary to in the first place, breaking Jerry’s trust in two. Avril is the son of the man who murdered his mother’s brother and while Jerry can’t pin that on Avril we feel like he’s played a part in what happened to Gary and maybe Jerry can’t get him on that.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Bosch is not the most positive, cheery show on the planet, but we found ourselves jumping for joy over how the Preston case shook out. What really sent chills down our spine though was that final conversation Bosch had with Irving… Bosch should be happy and free to move forward but he still knows about what Irving did with that evidence picture and it’s eating away at him. It’s also bothering Irving, so he calls to get a read on Bosch and realizes that he’s not ready to move on from this until he ties up this one loose end. Is Bosch really going to go up against Irving over this?

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