Bosch season 5 episode 8 review: Bosch’s regret, Maddie’s not having it

Bosch and MaddieHow much trouble is Bosch in? Quite a lot. He’s been undercover for way longer then anyone thought he would be and add on top of that the fact that besides a tiny note he hasn’t actually been able to communicate with anyone and no one knows where he is. Also, the guy in charge of this who shady drug operation (Colin) is now taking a keen interest in Bosch and is starting to think that he may be even more use to him, which could lead to Bosch finding out more, but also puts him undercover a lot longer.

Jerry’s talk with Elizabeth

After hearing about the note stuffed in Elizabeth’s backpack Jerry drives two hours to question her about the compound that she was held at, any land marks, how many guys are there, anything she can remember. She mostly gives a lot of general information at first, but there are a few things he can use like a mountain that has some religious content on it. Together they are able to identify the mountain and that gets Jerry a general idea of where Bosch is and something to move on.

Has Bosch’s cover been blown?

When the guys take Bosch to the airstrip and tell him that he’s going back home we are skeptical and so is he. Is Bosch actually going home? Nope! That L.A. Times story ran a picture of Bosch and these guys now know he a cop. They are trying to throw him out of the plane into a body of water to die, and instead we ended up with one of the more James Bond/Indiana Jones type scenes we’ve ever had with this show. Bosch pulled out his secret cane knife and stabbed one guy and then had this amazing tussle with the other guy before jamming him in the eye and flipping him out of the plane! Beyond bad ass! He’s finally safe and on his way back home.

He puts in a call to let everyone know he’s coming back and a spy from the drug operation has tips Colin off that they are circling the wagons on them giving them enough time to flee, but it will be without much of what they’ve been working for. Bosch at least now has been able to close the Garcia clinic and that part of the pill mill down, but we know that these guys are really interested in moving into fentanyl anyways.

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That DNA evidence

Things feel out of control for Bosch with that L.A. Times piece coming out, but Honey assures him that this is a good thing and actually gives him standing for his day in court, something they didn’t necessarily have before. Now their biggest issue is finding Spencer (the dirty cop that planted Omers DNA) and get him to testify. Bosch has another idea that he’s chasing and that’s about finding out how they got Omers DNA to plant in the first place so he calls up Sanchez, the cop that witnessed Omers sign his confession to the Skyler murder. He learns that Omers lawyer (Cronyn) at one point wiped Omers sweating hands and then placed the handkerchief in a paper bag. Well, that’s not sketchy at all!

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CarterMatt Verdict

We have always been all in on Maddie and Bosch’s relationship and after Eleanor died they have grown even closer (as close as someone can get to Bosch anyway), but him disappearing on her during this undercover mission has really splintered their relationship. She’s glad he’s back safely but that doesn’t take away the anger she feels towards him for putting her in that position of thinking that she’s lost another parent and the last piece of her family. With all the great case work and movement forward that went on in this episode seeing Maddie freeze Bosch out and how he was dealing with it was the part that really stuck with us, because as much as this show is about the cases, it is also about their relationship and it’s what we are the most invested in every season.

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