Bosch season 5 episode 7 review: Maddie’s quiet worry, Bosch delivers a message

Madison Lintz BoschBosch is finally on the move with his undercover mission and we are catching up with him now to where he was in the first episode when we saw him flying in that plane and ending up with a gun to his head. Jerry watched Bosch fly away with no way to contact anyone and not knowing where he was going. Is Jerry going to tell anyone or is he going to find a way to help Bosch keep the mission going strong?

Jerry under pressure

He’s been having a really interesting season so far, but it hasn’t been easy for him. Latonya has a new man and after seeing how close they got to reconciling last season this has been tough to watch, not just for Jerry, but for us too who have been rooting for them to get back together. You got us invested, let us sail on that ship Amazon!

He has also been feeling responsible for getting his old CI (Gary) killed after he asked him to pop back up on the radar to help a few fellow cops. Jerry has been taking it especially hard since his CI was doing really well and had moved himself into a positive path.

Now he is dealing with the fact that he lost Bosch on a plane headed to who knows where and towards all kinds of trouble. Jerry’s lost a lot of stability this season and we can see him unraveling internally. If a hug would fix everything we would certainly give him one, but his situation goes far beyond anything a little TLC can fix.

Instead now Jerry has to take all the heat from Grace for Bosch’s decision to tell Jerry to back off the tail, and let him get on the plane. Grace has fielded an angry call from Maddie and now she’s even more pissed off to learn from Jerry that he’s lost Bosch. Jerry tries to tell Grace that he made a tactical decision and even though she knows she needs to advise the higher ups that Bosch is missing she agrees to stall as long as she can. Unfortunately it seems like everyone in the world needs to get a hold of Bosch right now (he does have a lot of balls in the air) and there’s only so long Grace can hold up the dam before it breaks open… and it looks like it’s going to break open in a big bad way. The L.A. Times is going to run a piece all about the Preston case, the new DNA found and the slant of police misconduct circling all around Bosch.

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The man with the gun

Finally we are back at that intense situation Bosch found himself in during the premiere where Colin (the man with the gun) was pulled into that trailer and had a gun to his head. Was Bosch lucky or did he catch a bullet to the head and now they have to rename the series Jerry and friends? He of course was lucky and really this was more about scaring him then anything else to make sure that if he was snooping that he knew what the consequences would be. Is this going to stop Bosch from snooping? Not a chance, especially when he sees a container that they seem especially protective of. As for Colin, he’s starting to think that Bosch may be of more use to him then he originally thought.

Bosch doesn’t get much of a chance to dig too much deeper and conversations with another person there (Elizabeth) don’t really get him much more information then he already had. Mostly he learns that he’s going to be held for a day or two before going on some more runs and then be returned home. On the next run they do he steals an item and puts it in Elizabeth’s backpack then rats her out forcing security to call in the police. Bosch then goes to the guys running the operation and tells them that the cops are being called in for a theft. At first we were hoping that this was a way that Bosch was going to get out of this situation a bit faster, but all they did was hustle everyone (except Elizabeth) into the van and drive off. What was the purpose of this? Bosch put a little note in with the stolen item to get a message back to Jerry telling him and the department to “hold fast”.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We want to end this review talking about Maddie for a moment and the quiet, beautiful performance that Madison Lintz gave us here. She just lost her mother and now her only remaining family has gone undercover, and has been missing for way longer then he said he would be. She feels like she’s getting the run around from just about everyone and she doesn’t feel like she has anyone to turn to or to lean on, not even Tom who she’s gotten really close to. Maddie had this painful, quiet and masterful internalization of all of these feelings that said so much without actually saying anything at all.

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