God Friended Me episode 19 review: Is the God Account gone?

Violett BeaneTonight, God Friended Me episode 19 brought your way the penultimate episode of the season, and it is one that is pretty darn important. It’s the penultimate episode! This is where you put the pedal to the metal!

For Cara and Miles, this episode was about reestablishing the relationship that they had … or at least trying to. At the start of the episode there was fear coursing through the streets that Cara would publish that story about Simon Hayes in Catapult … but she didn’t. After Miles started to figure out that maybe Simon wasn’t the person running the account (it may have been Henry Chase instead), she decided against writing the piece and instead, wrote something about the emotional aspect of helping all of these people in need. Soon after that, it appeared as though her job at Catapult was over.

Meanwhile, Rakesh knew for sure that he didn’t have a job for Simon Hayes anymore. Yet, he still wanted to help preserve the God Account when it was clear that Pria was going to be hacking into the account. The idea here was to reroute the account to Rakesh’s own server, but the problem is that Pria was underestimated as a threat. Because of that, she was able to work a little bit of computer mastery and delete the God Account altogether. The story of the God Account may end with it being completely and utterly kaput … or was it?

As we and so many thought, it turns out that Simon Hayes didn’t actually have the God Account at all. It wasn’t on the server and he didn’t have anything to do with it. This is where the episode ended — with Miles getting another Friend Suggestion in Simon Hayes himself. He was trying to help the world through predicting natural disasters and his technology had nothing to do with God at all. They have to find a way to bring that back, but there may not be many ways in order to actually do it. Rakesh is a whiz, sure, but he can’t make technology reappear out of nowhere! Either they come up with a plan B on the fly, or they just accept that they have to take the L and try to move forward.

CarterMatt Verdict

God Friended Me episode 19 was the episode we expected and the episode we needed. It always felt like Simon Hayes was a giant red herring and now that this has been validated, the mystery now shifts to helping one of the most-successful men on the planet solve a problem that he may not be able to resolve himself. We definitely think that this goes back to one of the central themes of this show, and that is every person, no matter who they are or where they come from, is on equal footing in life. Simon may have means, but he is not immune to heartbreak or loss.

(Really, what Rakesh, Miles, and Cara should be happiest about is that they weren’t arrested at the end of the episode — we’re not exactly sure about the legality of anything that happened near the end of the episode and it’s certainly something we’ve got questions aplenty about after the fact.)

Regardless of this technicality, it’s hard to deny that God Friended Me episode 20 delivered one of the season’s more dramatic episodes and a story worth beholding from start to finish.

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