Bosch season 5 episode 6 review: Irving’s choice, Bosch needs a shower

BoschSeeing Irving shred that evidence picture of Preston’s bedroom from before the search is making us feel like Irving planted that evidence and not Bosch, which would be pretty shocking since Irving hasn’t exactly been presented as they type of cop that would do something like that, but we do have to remember that this case is from decades back and he could’ve been in a very different mind set at that time – especially with someone like Preston!

Speaking of Preston…

Since Bosch’s visit to Preston he is really on edge trying to figure out what he knows and if he really has tapes with Rita on them doing some shady nonsense. Rita admits that she messed up and Preston says that from now on no more phone calls, only meeting in person and that she needs to reach out to Cronyn (his lawyer) and find out who Hector is and what he knows… and Hector knows all since he’s watching everything. The guy is like a magician! Can we take a moment to just say how much we really like the character of Hector? He looks like a tough guy (and he is!), but he’s so incredibly smart and can dig up your darkest secrets – this also includes the cop that Cronyn hired to plant Omer’s DNA to help get Preston off the hook. Boom.

So what about Irving?

Irving is still dealing with this shooting and whether or not it was good or whether or not this cop was in the wrong. When it comes up that this cop has had a few run ins with the man he shot prior to this it’s not looking good, so Irving tries to get a better understanding of what happened, but the cop keeps telling the same story – that he feared for his life.

Let’s also address that possible planted necklace in Preston’s apartment. People think it was Bosch and Christina wants to nail him for it (more for personal reasons then professional and we still don’t understand how she wasn’t removed from this case based on her past with Bosch), but we saw Irving shred that “before” picture that he took of Preston’s apartment before he let any other cops in. While Bosch is going through the old before and after pictures, he notices that photo is gone and remembers back to that day showing once again just how quick Bosch is at putting together the pieces. Bosch doesn’t exactly come right out and ask Irving about it, but he asks enough questions for Irving to know where this is leading and he quickly reminds him that Preston killed Skyler and that he found the pendant that put him away… that they got the right guy and while Bosch knows Irving is right it does confirm for him that Irving may have been the man to plant the evidence that kicked off this hornet’s nest in the first place.

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Crate and Barrel find a clue!

They may be saddled at a desk but it’s not stopping their keen detective spidey senses from kicking in when they see some paper work filed that looks like someone is falsifying stats to lower violent crime rates. You can try to take the detective off the streets, but you can’t take the detective out of their hearts! Grace starts looking into what they found and it’s legit. She isn’t exactly excited about having to blow the whistle on one of their own, but at the same time she was acting captain while it was happening and she doesn’t want it to blow back on her either. It’s a pickle.

Bosch deep undercover

He’s finally gotten the go ahead and he’s been getting into character by not showering and looking like something that was caught in a drain. Maddie is worried since she’s not sure that he’s ever gone quite this under cover before, reminding him that he is the only family she has left. This gave us quite the squeeze of our heart remembering back to last season and what happened with Eleanor and how badly that effected them both (and us!).

Right before Bosch goes undercover he gets a call from Jimmy letting him know that it’s not just opioids, but also fentanyl and even though Jerry suggests now calling in the DEA, Bosch is ready to rock and roll. He shows up at the Garcia pain clinic and before he gets loaded into the van they take his phone (but not his James Bond cane that is really a secret knife!). When Bosch’s tail gets noticed, Bosch steps in and makes a very cool play to show the bad guys that he’s on their side and gets the “tail” off of them. Bosch leaves in the van and Jerry is left hanging back cursing up a storm.

Bosch realizes he’s in a bit of trouble when the drug run takes a weird turn and they don’t hit up the next clinic, but instead end up at the small air strip he and Jerry were investigating. After searching where they know the van to be going next and not finding it, Jerry knows that they are at the airstrip and tries to get there before Bosch takes off, but he’s too late.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The premiere set up such an intense undercover mission that we have been dying to dive back into and while these past few episodes have done an outstanding job of setting this all up, we are beyond excited to finally dive into this and see how Bosch gets out of that situation with the guy in the trailer. This season is really throwing everything at us with all the different storylines, but it’s wonderful to see that every character we love has so much going on for us to dive into. No one is left in the shadows.

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